Thursday, August 31, 2006

One that I forgot

I am sure you are all tired of the Living Room photos.

However. Here is another "wall" in the Living Room that I neglected to show you all. I don't like this glass tile wall in some ways and I do in others. On the other side is the Dining Area and then you can see where the kitchen is over on the right. I do not like the maple cabinets and prefer dark wood. We cannot eat in the kitchen either because there is no room for a table. We have to eat in the dining area and until a year ago had carpet on the floor over there. This is not conducive to raising small children! TRUST ME.

Anyway, this is one way we had it set up about 5 years ago.

And then here is from the other day-

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Jude said...

I LOVE before and after shots! Great changes you made hon! :)