Thursday, December 21, 2006

At Long Last

I am pleased with it. Keep in mind, this is a photo OF a photo. The original is very clear and crisp.

Cryptic is not happy with this one. He said, "Mum, it looks like I'm ON something."

I said, "As long as you aren't, we are good."

I am going to look through the Santa photos from previous years and see if I can post any.

I hope to also post about Cryptic, FINALLY. There won't be as many photos as I had hoped, but you will get the idea of how much he has changed. Used to be blondish, if you can imagine. Amazing how quickly they grow and change. Well, in Cryptic's case, he doesn't grow much. But he DOES change a lot!


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Thanks for the cookie recipe. Now I have to wait for Cheryl to heal so we can try it out. Have a Merry Christmas.

Happy and Blue 2 said...

It's a really nice photo..

NTFrog said...

Great picture. Wow, Santa seems to look exactly the same from year to year where you are!! Although up here, I usually know the person behind the beard when our kids visit Santa, and most times, it isn't the same person each time. I will have to send you pics of my kids with Santa from this year.
Tell Cryptic that he looks like Mike - in at least 3/4 of all pics I have ever taken of him, he has his eyes half closed. And he isn't on anything, either.

Lowa said...

Tim- What is wrong with Cheryl?? I need to catch up on your news! Hope she feels better soon. Don't tell me she needed more surgery??

Happy- Thanks! I can't seem to find the other years photos. You know me and conparison ones. I an dying to compare them all and see how the kids changed.

C- Yes, this has been the same Santa for the past five years. WE LOVE HIM! I would LOVE to see your kids' photo, send it. QUICK! :)

I will tell L what you said about Uncle Mike...I mean Cryptic:) You know what I mean. Or who. Geez, you think it is time for me to go to bed??

l said...

Uncle Mike? Whoa. I was so confused by that. And then I read it three more times. Right. Time for me to go to bed, too! And great Santa pic of the kids - they really have changed a lot!

Lowa said...

L-Sorry! LOL Cryptic's name starts with L and I slipped up and was too lazy to correct myself:)

See?? I am so weird I always confuse people too:)

Merry Christmas!