Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Photos

Alright, I am undecided about what to do. I have many photos I want to share, but don't want a long, drawn out post. I think I will post one or two in a separate post. The problem with that is that people will see them backwards...hmmm...what a pickle.

As I sit down here in our Rec Room, I am amazed at how loud a young boy and his puppy can be while they play on the main floor of the house, above me. Sheeshkies!

Ok, I guess maybe I can start with the most recent and work my way to the, I can't believe how I am stressing about this...ah who cares, right?? I will just start with Christmas Eve and work from there. Ok, here we go...

We have a tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve and Jock chose this new hockey helmet from Stud's parents.

Princess got a wee table and chairs for tea parties with her friends. Jock was pleased to partake and have his little sister serve him.

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