Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Look here if you want, to see what Clown and I suffer from. I can't imagine an injury that he would have sustained, but Mum and I have a theory as to why mine originally started happening. I will dedicate a post to that fascinating story soon.

Here are a few more precious photos of our two youngest. Now I am off to Curves and will post a mouth watering recipe later on!

Peace out!


Happy and Blue 2 said...

The condition sounds painful..

Lowa said...

Happy- IT IS! It is really horrible. Next time it happens to me, I should get a neck brace. I am sure it would help with the pain every time I move.

I hope it doesn't happen to Clown again for a long time. He is holding his head funny, and turns his entire body instead of just his head (that is what I need to do until mine goes away completely after an "attack") but is running around like his usual self again. So we are grateful for that. He was folding laundry today and had to go lay down a few times to have support on his neck. He has a good attitude about it, poor thing.

clairesgarden said...

Lowa, thanks for stopping by with your condolences, no billy was in his early 50's and had a heart attack suddenly, he had not been ill. its a rubbish timeof year to lose people.
I'm going to ask the chiropractor about your neck thing, see if they have any advice.

Jude said...

Oooooh that sounds so awful! Poor lil' guy, and poor you, too!

Oh my dear, Brom is soooooo cute!!!!! I could just snuggle with him forever. What a great surprise!

You were HERE!!! I know you didn't get off the plane, but it's so cool knowing you were here, hon. LOL


sydwynd said...

Such cute pics of the kids!

That must be a tough condition to deal with! Hope it was a one time thing for Clown!