Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cryptic and Princess got awesome stuff!

He got these cool puzzles from his Aunt and Uncle in South Carolina.

Thanks Poppa and Grandmama!

YAHOO!! Just what I wanted!! Santa REALLY brought me Baby Alive!


Library Mama said...

Happy New Year, my friend.

You have the most adorable kids in America! Looks like Santa found your house, as did he find us at my Dad's farm. Isn't he amazing?

I look forward to continuing our blog friendship in the year to come.

Best wishes!

Lowa said...

LM- Same to you, LM.

You are too kind. My kids aren't ugly, that's for sure! Of that I am thankful! LOL Yes, he found us alright! Glad he found you guys on your Dad's farm, how fun! He found us last year at my parents' new house in S'toon also.

My kids have no memories of Christmas on the farm, at least the younger two don't. Last time we were out there for the holidays was 1999 and Clown was six months old. Cryptic and Jock have faint memories of holidays out there. At least they remember summers at the farm!

I am glad that we found each other. Who knows, perhaps this year will find us meeting in person!?!?!

Best Wishes to you as well! Back to the grind soon, eh??