Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Awesome changes:)

Stud has been AMAZING with me being sick!!! He has REALLY changed the past four or five months. It is SO NICE:)

It truly is amazing, the changes that have taken place. Yesterday, he took Princess to school, and picked her up at 11:30. I took Cryptic to the Dr. and got some groceries and tried to do some things around the house. By 4:30 I couldn't do anymore and was resting on the couch. He took Cryptic to Tae Kwon Do, went and picked him up AND made supper!?!? This last one DOES NOT happen (I can count on one hand the times it has happened in 17 years of marriage) and man was it DELICIOUS! Hamburger Helper and canned corn. YUMMERS!! The BEST part was that I never even asked him to do it. He just did it.

THEN!!! This morning he didn't even wake me up. He got Princess up, fed her, got her dressed and got her to school. Clown and I did not even get up until almost 10 this morning! He also went and got her from school again and then let me sleep most of the day away. Man, I must have needed that! I feel like a totally different person now and think I am on the road to recovery finally!

Sure does help to have a hubby who works from home! When he has worked from home in the past, he would not help AT ALL. With ANYTHING. I could never leave a kid here to just run and get something done or anything. Had to drag them all with me to get a 20 minute errand done, on and on. Since he started working from home again this past fall, I can leave Clown with some school work and go and get all manner of errands done and am sometimes late so he needs to get Princess from school. He has not complained once.

This is SUCH an answer to prayer!!!

So, I just wanted to share how incredible the Studmeister is being:) Sure does make me feel loved and cared for and not like a burden anymore:) teehee LOVING IT! Can you tell?? LOL


sydwynd said...

Very cool to see Stud helping out like that. I admire a man that properly takes care of his wife.

Lowa said...

Vince-AMEN! I am SO THRILLED. It has really helped me to improve my demeanor, that is a fact. Which of course makes him feel better and it is all a lovely cycle. I cycle I wish we had figured out years ago, but at least we are getting it right now:)

Hope things warm up for you soon!

Library Mama said...

Wow! Think Stud would be willing to give Main Man lessons?

Glad you're feeling better. It's amazing what a good rest can do.

Jude said...

I am SO happy to hear that hon, it's great that you two have got it all back on track again. :-)

Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

Happy and Blue 2 said...

Glad things between the two of you have improved so much..

l said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick. But NOT sorry to hear how wel Stud's been taking care of you! :)

Lowa said...

LM- I am not sure:) He is just figuring this out for himself, you know. Yes, the problem was that I didn't get to sleep until 4 the next morning, which was odd.

Jude-Thanks! I am pretty tickled myself:)

Happy- Thanks so much, same here:) I am VERY glad:)

L-Yeah, but like I said. I rarely get sick, so that is nice. Yeah, I am thrilled with how sweet he has been. Obvious the kids feel better about things too, which is an added bonus.