Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Loch Ness Monster


I am NOT in a good mood. I was up far too often during the night and now have not made it for my walk to Curves, my work out and then my walk back. Which I LOVE to do.

Apparently, Princess saw a picture on the Loch Ness Monster in a book at the library at school. Now she is TERRIFIED that it will somehow get in her room.

No amount of comforting and common sense works.

I told her it does not exist.

I told her *IF* it does, it is in a deep lake, in a country on a continent across the ocean, far from here. Drew a picture, so that she would understand better.

I said that also if it did, it cannot come out of the water, even if it wanted to, which it wouldn't want to. I told her it is scared of being out of water and won't be able to breathe.

I told her that kids live right near the lake that it is in, IF it exists, and they are not afraid because they know it can't get it out of the lake and that it doesn't want to.

She needs every light on possible and I am losing patience. I have tried praying with her. I have cuddled, joked, hugged and let her choose which nightlights/lamps to use.

Jock got her a really cool Tinker Bell night light for Christmas a few years ago. The thing spins and lights up her entire room. Not good enough.

Fine, he also got her a string of Tinker Bell lights that are all on her headboard and light up right above her head. This was one of her gifts from him this past Christmas. Nope, still not enough.

I let her turn on the Hello Kitty lamp on her dresser across the room from her bed. It looks like daylight in the room, but it is still not good enough.

I got her settled with two of the nightlights/lamps turned on and woke up at midnight, to the puppy growling. I get up and see that she has turned on the Princess lamp on her bedside table, as well as the bathroom light down the hall AND the lights in the stairway going downstairs. She has turned on her music and is sitting straight up in bed, wide awake.


I took the dog out to pee, since he was now awake, I might as well take him, right?? So I turned off lights and told her she gets TWO and the Hello Kitty lamp and one of the night lights was PLENTY. I told her if she turns on the light in the bathroom or hallway again, she will be punished. If she continues to wake Brom up, she will be punished. I told her I am sorry she is scared, I have tried everything, it is not considerate to wake the entire house because she needs lights on and thinks something that doesn't even exist is going to come into her room somehow.

I know I should be more patient, but I am REALLY losing it here!!!

I am sure that all the light is part of what is waking her in the night. She thinks that is silly of course and has herself convinced that the more light, the better. I find it interesting that when she used to sleep with one soft night light, that she slept fine and slept through the night, for the most part.

I just got settled, when I hear Brom growling again and hear stomping and am just getting out of bed when I almost collide with her. She was coming to tell me that her ribs hurt. Something always hurts and I can't take it seriously, because I don't know if it is just an excuse to be out of bed to avoid the "Loch Ness Monster" or what.

NOT a good start to the day!!!


sydwynd said...

That's always a tough one. Grasshopper is like that sometimes. Especially with aches. You can't tell if he's just saying something hurts to get out of doing whatever he needs to do or if something is really bothering him.

Good luck getting past this.

l said...

This is hard. Would you consider writing a story and printing it (to pretend you found it somewhere else) that has "facts" about the Loch Ness monster and how it's a friendly monster and the locals call it Nessie (true!)? Maybe if she believe in it and that it was a friendly monster, she might be ok. She could watch the movie Monsters, Inc. to drive home the point that there are good/friendly monsters out there. Just throwing an idea out there that might help you both get a full night of sleep!

NTFrog said...

must be that time of year - E has decided that certain underwear gives him nightmares. he has been waking up crying in the middle of the night, and wants to change his underwear - it's usually the superhero underwear (batman, spiderman, etc) that is the culprit, and if we've run out of the plain underwear, well it's tough to convince a tired 3-year-old, at 2 in the morning, that the underwear really is okay!! I just went out and bought some new Cars underwear, which so far seems to be terror-free ... for now (although he insisted that he wanted to wear the green pair first - and the package came with red, blue and grey, but no green!! Arghhh!).