Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Tattoos

Stud and I are SO excited!

He is planning to get a new tattoo, finally. He has decided on the one he wants and we both like it. So last night, we decided to go check out prices at various places. It is funny to go into those places, because most of the people who work there are completely COVERED in tattoos and have lots of piercings. Not my cup of tea, but they are very nice people and that is what matters. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE tattoos. Obviously. As addicting as they are, I think you still need to stop somewhere and have SOME blank skin showing, you know??

The first tattoo Stud got is a total mess. It needs to be fixed badly. We asked about it last night and it will cost as much to fix it, as it will to get his new one! So we will just get his new one right now.

We ended up at the place we really like and some guy we have never seen was asking when Stud wanted this done. He said this week or next week. The guy said that would work well, they had things pretty much open and some guys from their Montana shop had just arrived. They were actually unloading the trailer right out front. We had seen the trailer when we drove up. So we asked who had arrived. We were both hoping to hear the name "Scott" since that is our favourite guy. He is the one who did my dragonflies and the cross on Stud's calf. I get compliments on my dragonflies ALL THE TIME.

Sure enough, Scott had just arrived from Montana!!! He came in and saw us and we were all saying "Hey! How's it going!?!?!?" and all excited. He is such a sweet guy. Very talented too.

He will only be here for five days, and Stud got an appointment for Friday. This one will take 2-3 hours. We just could not BELIEVE that he happened to show up the one day we decided to go check out when it could be done and how much it will cost.

So I was going to ask Scott when he would be back again to do some of the small ones that I want. I assumed we could not afford to do what I want as well as Stud's. Stud was SO SWEET! He said to block out some time for me too, because I can get two of the ones I want! Since Scott is only here for such a short time, he wanted me to be able to get some too and not have to wait. Isn't that sweet??? I am PSYCHED! FINALLY! It has been over a year since I got a tat and I am going through withdrawal.

Scott is also going to touch up the cross that he put on Stud's calf. DORKY Stud let it get totally infected right after Scott did it. So he will touch that up for him while he is in there getting this one done on his right arm. He asked to see my dragonflies and when I showed him he said it looked like I was taking good care of them:)

So now comes the hard part. Narrowing down which ones I want and where to put them. I want about eight more, but then I don't like the idea of being covered with them. It is so hard, because there are so many ideas I have and then figuring out where to put them is SO HARD. I want to be able to see them when I want to, but I also like the idea of ones on the back, shoulder blades, back of the legs, etc. I always forget what the one on my neck looks like and I need to get a mirror to look sometimes and remember what it looks like! LOL

We know for sure one of them will be this COOL one that Stud found. It is a Canadian Flag that looks like a bar code thing. It says "Made In Canada" and then the bar code #'s will be my birthday. I want one on my hip and Stud thinks that is where I should get this one. I want to be able to show it off though and who ever sees my hip besides Stud?? Cryptic and Jock think I should get it on my shoulder blade somewhere. I also want one there, but I am thinking a butterfly or something like that should go there. I want one on my hand, but this is too big for my hand. What a pickle I am in, eh???

We also found this awesome butterfly that I want. Who knows where, possibly the shoulder blade idea. I really want this pretty shamrock one, and I am thinking that one will go on my hand. I want to do my brother's name in my Mum's handwriting that she sent me. I just cannot for the life of me figure out where to put it! I was thinking along the inside of my right arm but now I am not so sure. I think I still need to wait a bit more on that one, I just can't seem to figure out where to put it. So hang in there, Mum. I will get it eventually!

Watch the blog for photos of new tats! I will wait until Saturday or Sunday to take pictures, I don't want them to be all red. May wait a bit longer, because they are always all shimmery with the ointment you need to keep on there.

We were just amazed at the timing. Scott shows up for a short time RIGHT when we get there to see about this tattoo?? Freaky. There is no such thing as coincidence, God wants us to have these tats now:)


Library Mama said...

That really is a coincidence, isn't it? I look forward to seeing your new body art.

BTW, did you ever try reading Princess Sophie and the Sea Monster?

Jude said...

Oooooh I love the sound of the Canadian flag bar code one! :-) You could display that one on your upper arm by your shoulder, like an arm patch, no?

Lowa said...

LM- We still can't believe it. It was just meant to be!!! I will post photos soon, my new body art is still a wee bit red and tender. Want it to heal up a bit before I put photos out there.

I tried to get Princess that book and the dang library site doesn't seem to know what I am talking about. I need to do another search, I keep meaning to try again. Have you read my brother's book yet?? I am dying to know what you think. If you don't like it, can you e-mail me so he doesn't read this and get his feelings hurt?? LOL Thanks!

Jude- Yeah, I did too:( But we ran out of time since STUD HOGGED ALL SCOTT'S TIME and used up MY time to get a tat on his leg fixed:( *sniff* So that stunning one will have to wait a few months, until Scott gets back. That IS a good idea, where you suggested. Unfortunately, I already have my dragonflies kind of on that area on one arm and am saving the other arm either to be completely blank OR do a whole scene of something one day. And I want to be able to see it all the time. So I decided that it will go on the inside of my right arm, low down almost at the wrist. Then I can scan myself in scanners easier also! LOL