Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Update on accident

So you may recall that a young boy smashed into my car a few weeks back as I tried to park in my driveway.

I spoke with our insurance person on the phone and various calls have been made and things done. She called today to let me know that both sides have agreed that each company will pay 50% of the other's damages??

I said, "Wait. Why should you guys pay anything?? HE crashed into ME. He was obviously not paying attention, are his parents still trying to claim that somehow he is not at fault??"

She said that his insurance company was trying to place the whole thing on me and that the only thing that got them to stop that nonsense was the statement of the girl who saw the entire thing.

It seems the boy changed his story and tried to say (LIED OUTRIGHT) that I was in the wrong lane, over to the left and trying to turn into my driveway from that lane!?!?!? It is almost laughable, if it was not so blatantly OUTRAGEOUS.

The witness said no, I was not and that HE was not paying any attention at all. I am sure she saw that he must have looked down or was playing with his cell phone or SOMETHING. I have no idea and am totally speculating obviously.

He said the day it happened that he did not see me. Now he claims I was in the wrong lane?? If he didn't see me, how can he say something like that?? It is a total fabrication and since I was a DORK and moved the vehicles to get out of the way of oncoming traffic...look at the mess.

This kind of thing INFURIATES me. Thank goodness for that girl stepping forward, though. I want to thank her. I still see no reason that our insurance should shell out a penny, though. This is so maddening. Stud is livid and is going to call her back and talk to her. That kid knows DARN WELL he is 100% at fault. That is why he was so frantic to get it all taken care of before his Dad even found out about it. I am sure he is scared and that is what caused him to lie about any of it.

I have told the total truth since the second it happened. I was truthful about the fact that I don't think I signaled. I still don't see how that has anything to do with it, though. If someone doesn't signal, do you ram into them to teach them a lesson?? But if they DO, then you stay back and let them pull in and THEN carry on?? Makes no sense at all. I am always signaling and have been made fun of, it is such an instinctive thing for me to do. I remember that day going to and then thinking no, why?? It is obvious what I am doing here. Stud said later when the kid pulled into our lower driveway for them to look at the damage, that HE didn't signal. So why am *I* being punished for not doing it??

Anyway, there we go for now. I need to get Princess in bed and finish playing a game with Clown while Cryptic does his homework. Stud and Jock are...where else?? Hockey!

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!!

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