Friday, February 09, 2007


Well, today Cryptic was home from school.

There was a mishap last night during all the excitement to watch Survivor.

Thursday nights used to be our "Family Night". We would hold a short meeting, discuss concerns, praise people for improving since the previous week, bring up new concerns if there were any, etc. We would have a snack, play some games (we have set up obstacle courses, played hide-and-seek, as well as board games etc) and then try to fit in watching "Survivor". Soon, it ended up being just Survivor night and the kids all sleep in the Rec Room together, which is a huge thrill, especially for Princess. Since she is the only kid with a bedroom on the main floor with the boring old parents. She loves to be downstairs with her cool brothers.

Monday nights are Family Nights and Thursdays are strictly Survivor nights. We may work in a few board games prior, depending on how things go.

Ah yes, the mishap.

So last night Jock and Cryptic were sent down here to set up the sleeping bags, pillows etc for everyone to get settled down here to bed after the TV show. Jock came upstairs and told Stud and I that Cryptic had hurt himself. We didn't hear anything, so were surprised. I guess he is maturing past the screaming like a banshee stage???

I found him crumpled in a pile in one of the hallways. Apparently, in all the commotion, he had somehow slammed his foot into the baseboard, I believe at a corner, no less. The last three toes on his foot is what took the brunt of it.

His toes were a bit swollen, so I carried him upstairs (can you imagine being able to CARRY your 14 year old son?? That is how light he is! Dude is the exact same height as me, but since he weighs almost fifty pounds less, it is very easy to carry him) and we got some ice. Princess got her "Hello Kitty" ice pack from when she always needed it for "boo boos" and Cryptic was very sweet. He was in pain but still struggled to find the right words to ask her for something bigger without hurting her feelings:)

He moaned and groaned all through Survivor and I decided to make sure and take him to get it checked and hopefully X-rayed today.

This morning the middle of the three was still swollen, but he said it wasn't as painful. I told him I wanted it checked anyway and he was all too happy to miss school!!!

Now to explain the subject of this post!

She ordered x-rays. When we went back in to look, she furrowed her brow and put her chin in her hands and then muttered, "Well, that's funny."

Cryptic was sitting on the exam table reading. He looked up and asked in a hesitant voice, "What's funny?"

She told him to come and look at the bones on the ends of his toes. She said that they are very pointed and funny looking! Especially the one on his pinky toe, it was a tiny little claw like thing, instead of broader and rounded like it should be.

As we were marveling over that, I noticed that he seemed to be missing a bone in his pinky toe. I brought it to her attention and she was totally in shock!

She said, "You are right!!!!!!!! Look at that Cryptic, you have two bones in your pinky toe and you are supposed to have three!!!"

She got a book and showed us how people's toes are supposed to look and sure enough. Dude is missing a bone in his pinky! It simply is not there. She told him that he had to have gotten it from his Dad and/or myself. So we were all laughing and he asked me to take off my shoes and socks (which I was all too happy to do, since I hate wearing anything on my feet anyway) and let her see if I was that way.

Yes. Poor kid gets it from me! WHO KNEW!?!?! We were laughing and she was calling us "Mutants". It was so funny and weird.

So I came home and Stud and I inspected his toes and the guy is totally normal! Who would have thought it???

Alright, Clown wants to play some board games and Princess wants some more food. Stud and Jock are at Jock's hockey practise and Cryptic is watching TV. I slaughtered Clown today playing some games of this and I think he wants a rematch! He has not played it before, he has played the kids' version. So he did pretty good for a first time player.

I hope to FINALLY post about Jock's hockey tournament in BC this weekend. I have some nice pictures to share:)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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