Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heart attack

Well, Jock has succeeded in doing it YET AGAIN.

That child will seriously be the death of me one day soon.

Today I was out running errands and on my way home was talking to Stud on the phone. I asked him to have the kids ready outside to help me unload the car.

He asked me if I knew where Jock was. By this time, it was 90 minutes since school had let out and Cryptic had been home. Tuesdays and Thursdays Jock has been staying for "after school activities". However, he knows he is supposed to let us know if he is planning in participating in those. He is to call us. He claims that the office will call and check to make sure it is alright, but they have yet to do that the six or seven times he has stayed after.

A local kid kid was almost abducted a few weeks back. His sister saw these guys trying to drag him into an SUV and ran and grabbed him and ran to a neighbours and called 911. Since then, I told Jock that he has to walk with Cryptic. To and from school. He is ready for school about ten minutes before Cryptic most mornings and is MAD that he has to wait for Cryptic. So he was not pleased with this and now has taken to staying after without permission. Cryptic has said he is not interested in the after school activities, wants to get home ASAP and doesn't think he needs to wait for Jock. I agree of course.

Not only is Jock in major trouble for not telling us he was staying at all, but he didn't even call to let us know he would not be home until 5. I got home around 4:30 or 4:40. I took Clown and Princess up to the school with me, while Cryptic unloaded the car and put everything away. I wanted to check and see if he stayed after for a program they have for the kids to catch up on school work. Sometimes he and Cryptic stay for that.

The office was locked, so we went up to the track and looked around, asked some people if they knew who he was and had they seen him. No one even knew who he was. There were just a few kids and some other people throwing frisbees to their dog.

We continued on back to our neighbourhood and stopped by the three houses where he might be. Sometimes he goes to his friend K's house after and calls us from there. We can see K's house from our's and I often wave to him from the window as he talks to me on the phone from there. K's little sister said he was at wrestling and she had not seen Jock.

Went to his friend D's house. He is in high school and gets out earlier. He said he saw him up at the school, but that was hours ago.

Went to his other friend D's house. We were praying and Clown was muttering, "OK, I am getting concerned now." Princess held my hand tight and was trying not to cry.

When we went to D's house and he was home and his Mom said he had been home a long time and she had no idea where Jock was, Clown said, "Ok, now I am FREAKED OUT!"

I got home and was trying to stay calm. I asked Stud what we should do. He was getting ready to come help me look, when he suggested I try the gym at the school, if K's sister said he was at wrestling. Maybe Jock stayed to watch him. He is usually really good about letting us know when he will be later than he should be. Most of the time. And he has NEVER been this late!

So I took the car up to the school. There were a bunch of kids waiting for their parents to pick them up after wrestling. I asked them if they knew him, they said no. Then as I was walking to the gym, I saw a kid that Jock can't stand. He is also in high school, so I am not sure what he was doing at the middle school. We shall call him J. Anyway, I asked him if he had seen him and he said no. I asked if he had seen K and he said yes.

Now I was really freaking! K and Jock are pretty much inseparable. I know J and Jock don't like each other, so there is a possibility that he HAD seen him with K and was lying. I wouldn't put it past this kid. He is one of those who is all sweetness and light when I am around, but when he thinks I am gone and I listen in, he has a filthy mouth and picks on Jock and K.

So, I was ready to call the cops when Stud called to say that Jock was home.


He was acting like I was a nutjob when I ran in and grabbed him and was crying and hugging him. Princess started crying too and he was looking at us while we were nuts while Stud let him have it by yelling a little. Not too much, but he spoke firmly and Jock knows we are not happy.

Just a FEW of his consequences:

I am walking him to and from school. LOL HA! How is that one?? Man, he will be mortified that his mother will walk him there and back, eh?? Little dork.

He sat on a chair all night, and then cleaned up from supper and put away anything Cryptic did not get done while the search for Jock was underway. He is now on his way to bed early.

He may not attend his hockey tournament this weekend. That is still up in the air.

He most certainly will not be staying for after school activities AT ALL the rest of the year.

What an emotional time that was:(


Off to watch Survivor!


Happy and Blue 2 said...

Glad he was ok.
Walking him to and from school should smarten him up pretty quickly, ha,ha..

Jude said...

Good grief that would have scared the crap out of me too! I'm just glad he was okay, but I can see where he needs to learn his lesson. Hope your weekend is calm hon!

Lowa said...

Happy-I am glad too. Little DORK. Yes, we shall see when school starts up next week what he thinks about me walking him to and from. Gonna be INTERESTING!

Jude- Oh yes, this boy is awesome at scaring us to death. He is most talented at it. My weekend was pretty calm, thanks Jude!