Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hair again

This time I will talk about Stud's hair.

Why can't it be mine?? Look how nicely his grows?

This is EXACTLY what mine was like when Cryptic was a baby, but of course mine is darker. This is gorgeous, especially for a female, eh?

Neat tidy curls, no frizz, soft (can't tell that from the picture, but his hair is SO SOFT and shiny! NO FAIR!) and just gorgeous!

Now, I can't get this hairy on my face, thank goodness, but this is what he looked like a few weeks back:) Before Easter of course!

Now looky here!

Doesn't he look SO MUCH younger??

His family all age very well and look like they are about 35 when they are 60. My family are the total opposite! My parents were both completely white haired by the time they were in their early 50's. We are all quite wrinkly and I already have "age spots" on my face and hands.

So yeah, here is my cute young hubby married to an old goat like me! LOL

As I type this, he is playing his new birthday gift that we picked up today. I don't see any need to wait until his actual birthday, why not have fun with it before then??

I am not musical at all and can't relate to he and the kids spending hours in music stores, browsing and trying out the instruments. Bores me to tears, honestly. It makes them happy, so that is awesome!

Ok, I need to kick him off of it so we can do some yard work before our company arrives tonight for some good old shootin' the breeze and eating ice cream sundaes!

Have a great weekend everyone!


BoufMom9 said...

WOW! What an incredible transformation! Just WOW!

Jude said...

Hubby definitely has nice hair, and Happy Belated Birthday to him!

Chas said...

I hope he donated that pretty hair to a good cause!

I think he looks young both ways, but I much prefer the shorter/shaved look.

BTW, I got some hair advice from my friend that has hair similar to yours....but I couldn't find an email address for you.

Debby said...

Wow! Wow! and uh Wow!

Did it for a moment feel or seem like you had a different "Stud" in the house?!?! definately have pretty hair and you do indeed look younger. 40. Geesh. Welcome to the club. Been there 5 years soon myself.

Love your blog Laura!

Debby said...

I was just looking at your header...:-( You are only trapped by friends my dear.....:-)

Lowa said...

Momof9-I know it! Crazy, eh??

Jude-Thanks. And his B'day isn't till the 27th, so you aren't late:) I will tell him...or he will read this...either way, thanks!

Chas-I AM SO MAD! HE REFUSED!?!? I drilled it into his head over and over again but NO! I need to get over it, but it just makes me sick that it was all tossed...don't get me started! ARG!

OH sorry. Email is Thanks for any help:)

Debby-HEY WOMAN! Wanted to thank you for the licorice you left the kids for the small bit they did with your canines when you went to Disneyland. Jock was so pleased and ate pretty much the entire bag in a couple of days all on his own! LOL

Didn't know you had a blog?? Will have to check it out in more detail soon! Browsed a bit and Takira is more gorgeous than ever! Love her hair! We need to get together soon, eh??

Jinny and Colin said...

Aw, he's really handsome. :) Good catch!

Koala Bear said...

Wow, what a transformation! I'd definitely say he looks younger with the shorter hair and no beard. But if he will be Jesus again in next year's Easter play, will he be growing it all back again?

Lowa said...

Jinny-Thanks! And I will get to the tagged thing soon:) I love it! I want to do both of your recent ones:)

Koala Bear-How are you adjusting to two kids?? Different, eh?? Well...I am not sure about the play. Maybe they will use extensions? LOL We never know if he is going to be Jesus or not until they ask in about January. He may not even be asked again!