Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok, Jinny tagged me a while ago and I am finally going to do this!

Here is some trivia about Stud and I...

How long have you been together? Seems like a LONG wonder. It has been almost half my life, actually! We were never "together" in the normal sense since we lived in different countries. We "met" in August or September of 1988, and met in person that December when he flew into Regina. Were married a year later and only spent about 5 weeks total time in person with each other over the course of that year.

How long did you date? Didn't really date. As I said, we were seldom actually in the same country, let alone the same city!

How old is he? He will be 40 on the 27th!

Who said ‘I love you’ first? He did. Most definitely!

Who is taller? hahahaha, if you've seen me, you know that everyone is taller, except children under the age of 10. There, I am stealing what Jinny said! LOL Although I am sure even SHE is taller than I am:) Stud is six feet exactly and I am ALMOST five foot two. My dream was always to reach five four, but it was not to be:(

Who is smarter? In what area does this mean, I wonder. As far as common sense, me. By FAR! LOL As far as academics and grasping various concepts quickly, that would be be him EASILY. He is VERY smart:)

Who does the laundry? Me and the kids. Sometimes I leave his clean things for him to fold, but most often he doesn't even fold his own clothes.

Who does the dishes? Me until about three or four years ago, when the kids were finally completely trained in that area!! LOL Now I only do the kitchen clean up about 10% of the time and I do the really DEEP cleaning and organising. As far as dishes after meals and all day long, that would be our four angels:)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Right as in correct or right as in right and left?? LOL Here is the thing. We still, after 18 years of marriage, have an issue here. Before we were married, he told me that he would not care what side of the bed I slept on, I could do anything I wanted and I was perfect and amazing, yadda yadda and could have anything my little heart desired. I told him that was cool, because I was sure that I would sleep on the left, but did not know since I had never shared a bed. As soon as we were married, he suddenly decided that HE always slept on the left and would always sleep on the left and too bad for me. *sigh* He is even more stubborn than I am (if that is possible!) and has insisted on his way this whole time. I wonder if that is part of why I don't sleep well and never have since we got married?? I have no choice but to sleep on the right side and honestly think I may sleep better if I had the side I naturally must need or something. Who knows! Weird how we both prefer the same side. Ah well, as he often reminds all of us; he is the "ALPHA MALE" and what he says, goes!

Who pays the bills? Him. Unfortunately. I did until 1997 when I got tired of it and asked him to take over. BIG MISTAKE. But we won't go there! LOL

Who mows the lawn? Jock. Jock has done it since he was about eight or nine and we finally gave in to his begging. He wears safety goggles and is very serious, careful and responsible.

Who cooks dinner? Always me. Jock and Cryptic are getting pretty handy in the kitchen as well. Stud has cooked about six times in 18 years. Once was when I was pregnant with Princess and I BEGGED him to help. Last week he cooked something that the kids LOVED and they asked him to cook more often. He is NOT happy about that! Keeps claiming he "doesn't know how" and I try and remind him that I didn't either, but I had no choice because someone had to, right?? I had to learn as I went. I used to LOVE cooking, but after years of trying with kids clinging to my legs and fussing and everyone complaining about the food, I am over it. Totally. I wish I still loved it:(

Who is more stubborn? We are both VERY stubborn. He used to always "win" and get his way in everything, since I avoided confrontation totally until about eight or nine years ago. That is when I finally learned to put my foot down and speak up for myself. This has caused some friction and problems, but we work through it:) It depends on the situation, as to who is most stubborn. It is honestly very hard to give a clear answer on this one!

Who kissed who first? He kissed me, no question!

Who asked who out? Well, we never went "out". Any time we were with each other, it was because one of us had left their country to visit the other. So we spent the entire time with each other, many long dates right after the next! LOL

Who proposed? Stud did. Many times. I finally agreed and the rest is history!

Who is more sensitive? No contest. I am much more sensitive. In fact I would be willing to bet that everyone else on the planet is more sensitive than my husband and he would be the first to agree! LOL He seems to pride himself on this. The kids often comment on how "cold" Dad is and wonder at how he doesn't seem to care. Nothing really seems to bother him or phase him at all. In fact, he often laughs or makes faces at the rest of us when we are upset or worried about something. He is getting better about that as time goes on, thank goodness!

Alrighty, there we have it. Whoever wants to do this, go for it! I am now off to take Jock for a hair cut:)


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Jinny and Colin said...

Yay, you did it! I was hoping you would. So you're almost 5'2" as well huh. I think I'm technically 5' 1 3/4" and I also dreamed of one day being 5'4". Oh well. :)