Tuesday, April 01, 2008




Cryptic just broke the 100 pound mark for the first time in his life! He weighs 100.2 lbs!

I am running around the house screaming and jumping up and down. None of you probably have any idea how exciting this is for me!

This is a person who did not get to 20 lbs until close to his 2nd birthday. He has always struggled with eating and was failure to thrive when he was seven months old.

I can relate. I was 98 lbs for about five years. I did not reach the 100 pound mark until I was about four months pregnant with him. I got to 112 by the time I was about six months pregnant and always remember that and being SO EXCITED because I had always hoped there would be three digits to my weight. Little did I know then that I would be 30 lbs more than that these almost 16 years later!

So here he is, fifteen and a half and he has done it! YAY! He has been eating a lot more lately, we noticed. Now once he gets this sinus surgery done and he can actually smell and taste things again...WOW! I really hope he gets to about 120 by his 16th birthday. Especially considering that he is five foot four, be nice to be more than just 100.

OH WOW! Ok, I need to set up our Science lesson, just wanted to share:) I am SO EXCITED!

Here is my sweet guy (what you can see of him) a few weeks ago helping Clown study for a spelling test I was about to give him...


BoufMom9 said...

I can COMPLTELY relate. My son david will be 15 in August and is still just 92 lbs. I will jump around as well if and when he breaks the 100 lb mark too.

Well done!!!!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Love the photos, cute boys! We celebrate every pound around here too, boys love getting bigger and stonger, especially if they are on the smaller side.

clairesgarden said...

good to hear this news! its a strange thing in todays society which is so obsessed with losing weight and being thin that little consideration is given to those trying to put on weight and eat healthily. I hope his improvment keeps up!

Jude said...

Even though I was slim all my life (until menopause hit) I never had a problem being too thin. I can see though, how great this news is for you! :-)

sydwynd said...

He sounds like Maverick. 6th grade and only pushing 55 pounds. He's the half pint in all his band pictures.

Congrats on a milestone!

Chas said...

I can relate to that. I was about 5'5" in 7th grade and weighed right at 90 lbs...crazy! By the end of high school I was up to around 115, but I was 5'9", so it really wasn't a wonderful weight gain b/c of the height. People don't understand how frustrating it can be.

Jinny and Colin said...

Hey you, I tagged you on my blog. :) Can't wait to hear everything.

Lowa said...

Mom9-Yes, it is most exciting. Looking back one year ago, Cryptic was only 86 lbs at 14 1/2 years old. I remember a short time ago praying he would get above 80! Looking back at the records we just got from the doc to take to his surgeon for sinus surgery that he needs, it said that he was 36 lbs when he was six years old! reminded me how he did not get to 50 lbs until he was about nine. It was SO HARD not to worry. I could see his heart beating in his chest, he was so scrawny:( So yes, this is indeed incredibly thrilling! For him to gain 16 lbs in just one year, when it used to take we used to be thrilled if he gained 2 or 3 in one year is very encouraging!

Mighty-Thanks! I am glad there are so many people who understand:)

Claire-EXACTLY! It does seem strange, I just wish people could stop worrying about shape, weight and size and just try and focus on being healthy!

Jude- Me too! I was 98 lbs when we were married, but I am only five foot one, so I didn't think it was too gross. Besides the fact that there was nothing I could do anyway, I ate constantly and just couldn't gain. Now, if only I could give 20 lbs to Cryptic, we would all be happy:)

Vince- Yes, that sounds like Cryptic alright. In fact, Clown just got to 60 lbs and we are impressed. I hate to make things like this an issue, but he thinks he is too small and keeps trying to gain. Little does he know that Cryptic weighed what he does now at 8 years old, when he was about 11 or 12. Maybe I should tell him?? Would it help or make him focus more on weight??

Chas-No, they sure don't. And they are hassling Nicole Ritchie (Richie???) about being small so soon after giving birth. I was the exact same, you would never know I had had a child and somehow that is a BAD thing or something people focus on?? People need to get a life & concern themselves with other more important things. Thanks for understanding you guys!

Jinny- I looked at it and will try to get over there soon:) Looks fun!