Monday, April 28, 2008

General Update

Stud has the younger three kids up at the local school grounds to play catch, football, etc. I got Princess her own pink bat, ball and glove a few weeks ago and she has been begging Stud to take her to play catch so he finally got a chance tonight.

Cryptic is working on catching up on over-due assignments with his on-line school (I won't even GO THERE right now! ARG!) and I just got done doing some lovely yoga and ball exercises from one of my many exercise DVDs that I have not done in MONTHS. Stud and I are not doing good about going to the gym anymore and I am eating horribly AGAIN, so I am still attempting to get myself feeling better. I feel MUCH better after doing this and walking for about 30 minutes with Cryptic at 6:30 this morning. We plan to do that every morning before everyone else is up and before things get too bright. Neither of us like sunshine and bright light, so we go early! LOL

Stud was 40 yesterday! I feel kind of weird that it was almost like any old day. I made him blueberry muffins (eewww, from a mix, but he LOVES THEM!) for breakfast and went to the local espresso stand to get his vanilla latte that he has daily. He laid around watching hockey and played his new guitar for a few hours. Then I got him Taco Bell for lunch and he left to play in a hockey game. Got him a card, Clown and Princess made him darling cards and I got him some of his favourite candy and left it around for him to find. He got his gift a few weeks ago and since it was so insanely expensive and we were BAD and put in on a Credit Card (SHAME SHAME!) we didn't really do much.

So Clown is still struggling with this dang sinus infection. As it gets better, he has more drainage which causes him to feel even more sick:( I feel so bad for him! I didn't make him go to his Monday morning "Adventures Around the Globe" class this morning and he didn't really miss anything. The teacher was not even there and they had a sub, so it was no big deal. He ended up spending the day organising his hundreds of Pokemon cards, watching Bill Nye Videos and reading books I got he and Princess from the library.

Jock is loving his cell phone (did I post how he and Cryptic bought their own and pay the monthly bills?? I can't remember!) and is learning to control the texting that he does. He keeps on taking pictures and videos of Brom and sending them to me and his friends!??! So now he will have NO money for at least a month, since his bill is so big! Good life lesson, I say:)

Cryptic was supposed to have his sinus surgery last Tuesday. Stud drove him down to Seattle and they were getting things set up, only to have them stop, drive home and for Cryptic to go back to bed. The surgery is rescheduled for May 8th. Why, you ask?? Because people are incompetent!

We got his Cat Scans from over the years and all the records sent to the surgeon weeks ago. I wondered why they were not doing the surgery in the same hospital they did his surgery in two years ago, but didn't think much of it. It is a simple thing, just a day surgery, so whatever. Oh cool, I also found this! Look how little they were and how scrawny poor Cryptic ("Brain" back then!) was! Thank goodness that surgery finally helped him!

Back to this recent episode. *sigh* They did not look close enough at the records and had no idea that he has a latex allergy and they are not a latex free clinic!!! So there was no way they could risk doing it and are now sending him to the hospital he should have gone to in the first place. ARG! Ah well, at least he will have it. I bought him a gigantic cookie that said "GET WELL CRYPTIC!" on it and had to give it to him. He is still only done half of it almost a week later and he has been sharing with the sibs. Which is more like his old self, so that is nice:)

Princess is going to a weekly hockey class for about eight weeks. Every Wednesday night. She is thrilled to be back on the ice! She got her costume today in ballet class and is very excited! She will be a marshmallow and has been anxiously awaiting the distribution of the costume. That is always the highlight of the year! Next year will be interesting because she wants to add Hip Hop classes so will be starting that this fall along with hockey and some other activities. This girl is a busy one!

I got a frame recently that has space for three photos. I want to find different ones of the four kids together from over the years. As I was looking for what photos I want Stud to print out for me, I came across this~

I barely remember her this age! I miss that red hair and those blue eyes! Ah well, she is darling with the lighter hair and green eyes, who cares, right??

Here she is with her best friend and Big Brother Clown. Blows me away that he will be nine in a few weeks and she will be eight in October! ACK! Where has the time gone??

Speaking of them, they are back from playing catch and waiting to read a book to me and get tucked into bed.

Have a great week everyone!!!


Jinny and Colin said...

Doh! Sorry, just realized that I left that last comment under my husband's name..hahaha

BoufMom9 said...

The younger pictres are just adorable! I was peeking through my old photos today for a blog entry I am doing and wow! it got the tears going for me. The time is FLYING by, isn't it?
Glad to hear you are getting some exercise in! I keep saying I will do it, but then, nope! Just head for some more chips & chocolate! OH! I need help!!!