Monday, April 21, 2008

How sweet it is... be loved and adored by your younger sister.

As any of you who know our family well or pay close attention to what I babble about (teehee) you will remember that Clown and Princess are 16 months apart. He was sitting in a chair next to the bed where she was born, ran and brought me blankets because "baby's toes coooooood" when she was just a few days get the idea. She totally adores him.

So he was picked up today by a friend of mine (you may recall me talking of "Giggles" and "Smiley" before?? Maybe in posts over a year ago or so...well, he is staying with them) to spend a few nights. They will bring him back on Wednesday.

Princess cried and cried when he left:( We had to cuddle for a while and Jock came to ask her what was wrong. I thought he would start and make fun of her, but he was very sweet.

So tonight she asked if she could call Clown. I told her yes and I called and talked to him first. He sighed when I told him what the deal was, but you could tell he was flattered and felt loved as well.

So she got on the phone and yelled, "HI CLOWN! I MISS YOU!!!"

I heard him say, "I know, Mum told me. DO realise I have only been gone for FIVE HOURS, don't you???" and then he chuckled. She giggled and admitted yes she knew that, but she missed him a lot. He chuckled again and asked her how her day had gone.

She then asked him the ALL IMPORTANT question...what had they fed him for supper?? Well, my friend made him his own because he did not like what she offered the rest of the family!?!? ACK! I don't blame her, because he apparently told her he would PUKE if he ate it, since the last time he had it here at home, he did indeed puke. With all his health issues going on now, so I can understand her caving and catering to him. She normally doesn't!

Anyway, Princess then said, "Well, I will let you get back to playing with Smiley, ok?? I love you!"

He said he loved her back and I could hear in his voice how pleased he was that she called. He was not annoyed at all.

They are honestly such incredible friends, it is awesome.

Just to refresh your memories, I will show you some of my fave pics of them together...

Ok, if you go to this old post and scroll down just a tad, you can see them together. *sigh* Is it just me or are they SO CUTE!?!?

Then here are a few from last week when I took them down to this fun place where we had a grand time!

I also took them for some rides, etc. Princess BEGGED Clown to go on this one that he did not want to go on. I felt SO BAD. It is blurry, but you can see that she is having a blast and looking at him and he is trying not to vomit:( He honestly almost tossed his cookies:( And all in the name of love for his baby sister. I can't wait until this sinus infection is totally cleared up and my poor little man is back to his old self! He had just had some ice cream and I told them it was not a good time to go on the ride, but what do mothers know, right?? Princess got some goofy fake teeth instead of the ice cream.

Princess has been invited to her friend's house tomorrow, so she is excited about that. This little girl will be called..."Fluffy" from now on. I don't know what to call her, and she has VERY THICK hair, just not curly like mine. If it were not straight, this girl would be in bad shape, honestly. It is GORGEOUS hair. She is so sweet, we met when Cryptic started babysitting her.

So I will drop Princess off there on the way back from taking Cryptic and Jock to their early morning dermatologist appointment. Cryptic is just not taking care of his skin and I am worried he is heading for some more infections, mainly on his feet. Jock is getting more and more moles all the time and wonders if he needs to have more removed. He had one removed off of his back when he was about Clown's age and has 12 stitches. Really cool scar that he is proud of:)

When I pick Princess up, I am going to stay and look through my friend's cook books. They have wheat allergies and since we just found out that Clown does also, we want to really take it seriously and change the diet. I will attempt to weed out dairy and egg for a while for Cryptic and Jock as well and figure out what we can all eat.

Then on Wednesday it is down to Seattle for Cryptic's sinus surgery. Princess starts some hockey camp...*sigh*. Never mind, I am getting tired just thinking of it, I guess I will sign off for now! Hope everyone has a great week!


Chas said...

Depending on the day,my brother and I were either friends or fierce enemies, lol. I was always glad for the break from him when he's spend the night with friends, and I'm sure he felt the same when I wasn't home. We're fine now though, lol.

BoufMom9 said...

That is so sweet about your children being so close. :)

So sorry about the surgery being changed. Thinking of you.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

How beautiful that they are such good friends. My boy and girl who are 18 months apart are very close as well, they make me smile.

Lowa said...

Chas- Yeah, one of my bros and I were like that. We were 22 months apart. We have a strong bond now:)

Momof9-I know I love it! Glad to hear Gabi is fine and thanks about the surgery. Meant to post about it but have been bvusy researching this new way to do school with the kids. I am really excited about it!

MMM-Yes, it is awesome!