Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today Cryptic and I went to his first concert. It was my first since I saw this amazing talent way back in the late 80's when I still lived in good ole Canada. I think the only concerts I ever saw were her and...some band with one of my brothers. I can't think of the name right now. Or maybe it was Eric Clapton?? Wow. Brain fuzz is REALLY BUGGING ME!

So anyway, Cryptic and I have been waiting for months and it was well worth me having to drive down to Seattle. I don't like leaving the house, let alone driving in a big city and trying to find parking.

I was totally willing to step out of my comfort zone for this, however. Cryptic and I have every CD this group have put out thus far and it is almost all we listen to. If we are driving and any of this is playing and someone DARES utter a word or a sound, Cryptic shoots them daggers with his eyes and starts whichever song totally over.

This is Princess' favourite. It is another name for "Scotland" and Princess and I both adore it. She begs me to have a baby sister and name her "Caledonia"!!! Poor thing:(

This is one of Cryptic and I's favourites. We were really hoping they would perform it today and they did not disappoint.

I am still just in awe. These people are all so amazingly talented. We bought a DVD and I just watched the whole thing. It tells about each woman and a biography on them. We knew that Chloe was young, but we had NO IDEA that she is about Cryptic's age!?!?!?! Cryptic is one day younger than this young lady
and we both feel that Chloe is MUCH more talented. You be the judge. She put out her first album when she was ELEVEN!?!?

The violin player is HYSTERICAL! She flits all about the stage and really gets into her playing and moving all around. She is so neat and amazingly talented. She was the lead violinist for all the River Dance concerts and DVDs. Cryptic was saying after watching her that he may start playing violin again:) I am excited! He played for about four years and was really good, but tired of it.

I hope that these links will work and that you all have time to get just a short nugget of these songs. They may not be to every one's taste. Maybe it is the Irish in me or something, but this stuff leaves me speechless. It is the best EVER. Cryptic and I could have stayed there about 24 hours straight. As it is, they sang for over two hours! I really want to take Clown and Princess next time. Jock could care less and has no interest. Princess was just in awe that we actually saw them and pretty sad that we got to go and she didn't. When I told her how much the tickets cost, her jaw dropped and she said, "I understand why you guys only bought two tickets then. I can wait until next time!!"



Chas said...

I'll have to come back later and check out the videos when Lila is asleep. I love violin, so that alone might be interesting. I did see River Dance live once, so maybe I'll recognize her,lol.

Marian said...

I am SO jealous!!! I love them!
I can't believe you didn't invite me. *sniff* Jerk. :)

Lowa said...

Chas-Cool, I hope you can look sometime soon. You can just put Celtic WOman into youtube and find all kinds of incredible stuff:) I bet you will recognise her! Man, I want to see River Dance SO BAD!

Marian-Hey! I didn't know that you ever read my blog?? I will reply to your e-mail or call you soon, I am SO SORRY! Thinking of you all the time and yes I am busy enough I guess but that is no excuse! It is easier to come on here or facebook than individually write to everyone, you know?? I didn't know you liked these guys, that is awesome! What CDs do you have?? Do you have "A New Journey??"

clairesgarden said...

what a fabulous concert to go to, love the clips , thanks for the links!!