Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New T-Shirts

After the derm appointments today and leaving Princess at her friend's house, Jock, Cryptic and I ventured over to the mall. Cryptic has been awaiting the release of the next book in one of the series he is reading and apparently also "needed" a new video game that was just released as well.

After he made his purchases, we were looking for a few posters for Jock's bedroom wall. Of course he wants ones with bikini clad females and I told him I will not pay for those, but he can purchase them if he wants. Since he is broke from his cell phone bill, he can't even afford a new poster for his room!??! HA HA! I say. That will teach him.

So as we were looking we saw some shirts that the boys LOVED and I decided to buy for them. Following are photos of them in their shirts. Even young Brommy got a new one:) I hope that none of these offend anyone; they are all in fun:) The boys are excited to wear their's to their Science Class on Friday! Cryptic was very angry with me that I made him pose. He has informed us that he hates us all and can't wait to move out. *sigh* What happened to my sweet little easy going darling??:(

Blogger is not co-operating and I must leave to get Princess and run some more errands. I will try again later, please enjoy this one of Brom in his new shirt:)

****UPDATE**** I will try the photos of Jock and Cryptic's shirts. I am glad that you like Brom's Jude:) LOL I do too! Jock is the one who found it at the store. If it hard to read, just click on the photo to enlarge it.

I guess he wanted to clarify in case it was unclear what the shirt implied:)

One unhappy teenager! Neener neener I say. Jerk! LOL


Jude said...

Brom's shirt is hilarious!! LOL

sydwynd said...

I make my boys pay for their own stuff out of thier allowance as well. Maverick wanted Guitar Hero III so I told him to save his money. Works wonders.

Love the shirts! And don't worry, your teenager will like you again once he leaves the house and realizes how easy he had it.

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Those tshirts are really funny!
You are a cool mum to buy them. ;)

Devynn said...

Those shirts are HILARIOUS! SO funny!

Ooooh, this is my first post on your site!

Jude said...

Hah! Love all the shirts! LOL

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

So giggling at the t-shirts!

I should get your email addy:) but I will try to answer your questions.
I have 6 kids ;)
B or the Boy is 13
R or Superboy is 10.5
Kalila, my stillborn baby would be 6
J or Monkey boy is 4
A or Girly is 2.5
and the one in the womb is 22 weeks along. We are excited, scared, freaked, happy about this new babe.
As for classical education, I am thinking the same as you are, I wish I had done it years ago.
I will loosely follow Bauer's ideas I think. We use the Latin road to English Grammar for latin and it is awesome. I am behind on my homework though.
I am heavily leaning towards buying Tapestry of Grace for my history/bible etc. etc. I like the idea of having the planning done for me and going through the same things with all the kids at the same time. Especially with new baby on the way. We will see, I guess.
I will update my homeschool blog with any new developments though, would love to hear about your journey too.
my email if you like is mightymorphinmama [at] gmail [dot] com
Good luck and take care.

Lowa said...

Jude- Thanks! :)

Vince- Yes, having them pay for their own things is wonderful. Causes them to make better choices, appreciate what they have and learn there is not such thing as "instant gratification".

*sigh* Where did my loving little boy go?? MAN! Just in the past few months he has gotten SO ORNERY! Just a few months ago he would still come to me and kiss/hug, tell me he loves me, seek me out to talk, ask for me to do things with him. Now I have to go find him, he won't give me the time of day and grunts at me or laughs in my face if I tell him I love him:(

Momof9-Glad you like them:) Apparently I AM a cool Mum:) Jock is finally kind of proud of that. Various friends and acquaintances always tell him that and lately he seems proud of it and comes to tell me that and hug me and thank me for being cool and not "Bossy and judgmental" like other Mums. I guess I am doing SOMETHING right??

Devynn-Thanks and welcome!

Jude-teehee. Hey I may need more soap soon, will e-mail you when I do:)

MMM-Thanks for the info. I will look into the things you mentioned. Again, sorry about your wee babe:( I know you think of her daily and am thrilled to hear you don't leave her out or forget about her. Sounds like you are doing a great job with educating your kids and I will e-mail you soon! Hope you are feeling well:) Pregnancies were very hard on me and I was just THRILLED when they were over and I had my reward:)