Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fog again!!

More fog today. Enjoying it so far. I thought I heard the fog horns a lot during the night:) I guess I was right. LOVE IT!! There is even a lot of frost on the ground and trees/bushes. Looks so pretty. It is not snow, but it is much better than nothing.

So Bee has said she is not going to dance class this morning. I should make her, but it will make the day easier on me, so I relented. Kids need a break as much as the adults, right?? And she danced herself silly this past weekend! Now I can get some things tidied and some cookies baked to take to my brothers and Dad next week. I am getting really excited at the thought of being with my incredible family. They are so cool:) LOL

L was finished all of his school by 8 this morning. Well, except his math because he has gone as far as he can in the particular thing he is doing and is waiting for me to order the next modules in this particular curriculum. So what is a guy to do?? He is normally not even out of bed until 10 or 11 if allowed. So what, you may ask, got him so motivated this particular morning???

We opened more gifts last night and he got the Chronicles of Narnia for his Xbox. He is a video game wizard and we get a bit...I don't know what. Just because he will beat a brand new $50 game in one day. Gets a bit frustrating for his Dad and I. Well, me, Who knows if hubby cares! So L enjoys it and waits a month or two, sometimes a year and then has at it again, even though it is not much of a challenge.

This one has him stumped! LOL I LOVE IT! It may actually take him a few weeks to pass every level and he admits to enjoying the challenge, but he IS getting frustrated.

B is at his classes and he always loves those. I am going to pick him up a copy of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on my way to get him from school. He is anxious to read it and we can't find our copy anywhere in this sty we call a house. LOL Hubby and he will go see it as soon as he is finished reading it. If any of us has any money left, perhaps we will go see it in Canada. The theatres are much better up there, so that it always exciting for my kids. Also, they love to see movies with their Uncles and cousins.

Better round up the younger two and get some help with these cookies. Maybe I will make butter tarts too! YUM!!!

Have a great day everyone:)

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The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hi Laura,
My son Pat was 2 1/2 when he died. It sounds like your brother was a special spirit. If I know my son and if he is with your brother they are chasing the good looking girls. Ha, ha.
The Ramblin Irishman