Monday, December 12, 2005

Our Ballerina

Ok these are not in the right order. Obviously she went to the recital and THEN her Dad gave her flowers and then we put them in her room. I am not fooling with this dumb program any more!!! Here she is after the fact admiring the roses Daddy brought her.

Bee on the way to her rectial on Saturday. I got some GREAT shots there, but of course other little girls were also in them and I don't feel good about posting their pics with no knowledge of that from their parents. So I won't!


Chris said...

Very Sweet pics! She looks So grown up in the second photo! Beautiful!! Must be a Dillard gene !! :-) LOL

Lowa said...

She is certainly more her Dad than me:) Not much Johnston in this one! LOL My family claims to see it, but I dunno.

Yup, you and your brother had better get the ammo and guns ready. Before you know it, the boys will be hovering all around to get at our girls! They better watch out, eh??