Saturday, December 17, 2005


Hubby just took L, B and L's friend V to the movie. The only one out of them to have already seen it is L, since he and I could not wait and went last Sunday.

B is ALMOST done the book, but this is the only day V was available and since she has been one of L's closest friends since they were 7 years brainer. They will attend today. It doesn't really matter that B is not finished the book, he has tried really hard and been really enjoying it, he will finish it soon, I am sure.

The reason I wanted him to read it first is because when you have a great book and then they make a movie...I just don't like reading it after, because a person can already picture it all in their minds, images from the movie. L and I much prefer to have our OWN ideas about what things are like, use the imagination, ya know. I know C.S.Lewis never even imagined his tales coming to life on the screen, not to mention kids sitting in front of some weird contraption holding a "controller" in their hand and making things on the screen move, etc. What ever happened to a good story and leaving it at that??

I mean on one level, I of course love movies made from books (especially if they are well done) and this is certainly one that I LOVED. If kids see all these movies, THAT is what they will think of when one day they are old enough to read the book the movie was based on. Thus, my desire for them to have the enjoyment of their own ideas first, THEN dash that all with the images from the actual movie they see. So at least B got a tiny bit of a taste of the movie in his head (although the only copy of the book I could buy had photos from the movie *sigh*)and I know he will really enjoy this movie. Man, just talking about it, I want to see it again! LOL I need more self control!

Hubby and I took L to the Space Needle last night. We had a nice time and L seems VERY pleased with his new bible. I still cannot believe I have a teenager! B is starting in on the pre-teen attitude and moodiness, we are in for an interesting ride the next 10 years or so! Since R is 16 months older than Bee and girls mature sooner than will be like having twins going through it. YIKES! Scary thought. My mom survived (somehow) my three brothers and I going all through it at the same time. She had the four of us in four years, and she and Dad made it through. Sometimes, when I think back on it, I am amazed my brothers and I did not murder each other!

Alright, must tend to R and Bee. R wants to go for a bike ride!

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The Complimenting Commenter said...

I am so glad that you have them read the books first. I love the idea of them using their imagination. Bravo!