Monday, December 19, 2005

Pay it Forward

Today when I pulled up in Starbucks to pay for my treat (yes yes, I know, I am being bad. I will start being better in the New Year! HONEST!), I was informed that the person ahead of me was paying for my drink! The person ahead of them had paid for theirs. Well, what was I to do!?!?!! Obviously, pay for the car load of people behind me! LOL

What fun! So I did. I am curious as to how long it kept on. The baristas were telling me that yesterday, when one person started it, it went on for 15 vehicles! The only reason it ended there was because the 15th person did not speak English and no matter what they said, she did not understand what was going on. So it ended there. I want to start that one day soon. How neat would it be if every time (or even sometimes) when you go to do that, you find out you were beaten to it and it has been going on for hours?? LOL

Busy busy. So much to do before we leave on Wednesday. So much in fact, that I should not be on here. I won't be posting while I am gone and will try to refrain from reading all my favs. Relatives that I seldom get time with will be in desperate need of my rambling, live and in person.

The holidays will not be the same for us, without my precious brother. We will try to have fun like he would want us to. There will be many tears, but we will attempt to form new memories, like I know he wants us to. Maybe one day, when I am strong enough, I will share on here how he died and what all happened during that time. Some of you have not heard yet.

Happy Holidays!

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The Ramblin Irishman said...

What a neat idea. I think I will try that here and see how it goes.