Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saskatchewan, here we come!!

Leaving soon. We were supposed to be gone an hour ago, but hubby said he needed more sleep. Which was fine with me:) The kids are still asleep and he is still packing. So I will post a quick blurb (for me that means only about 2,000 words or so LOL) before I eat my Cheerios.

When I pulled into the Starbucks drive thru yesterday, no one was behind me for a long time. Finally when I got up to the window, a white van was pulling up behind me. I said I wanted to pay for that person's drink which was fun! But we couldn't keep it going (even if they had wanted to) because no one was in line behind them. RATS! Well, I will keep trying:)

So we will get to my brother and sister-in-law's in Calgary tonight. Quite late it appears now. *sigh* It is about a 13 hours drive, and with the time change...*sigh* FUN FUN! We will spend tomorrow with them as well and leave for my parents' on Friday. That is another 6 hours East. They are not coming with us, they will be at my parents' for New Year's and by then we will be on our way back West and will stay at their place over night on the trip back, as always. We are bringing my friend C back, I am SO EXCITED! I also can't wait for some DECENT junk food:) I miss so much of the Canadian brands and yummies that I grew up with:) CHEEZIES! Popcorn Twists! Big Turk, Mr. Big, Wunderbar, Aero, Pep, Dill Pickle dip for chips, McCain pizzas, Superstore! YAHOO!! I LOVE Superstore!

Hubby is down in his office on his computer, so I guess we are not in THAT much of a hurry. I hope the kids sleep a decent amount on the trip! Doubtful. It is times like this when I wish we had a nice updated vehicle with a DVD player so they could watch movies. Make the time pass MUCH faster. Hubby even mentioned getting one of those portable ones to just hook up in there. Target even had one on sale with TWO screens. He got me all excited, thinking we could do that and then BAM!!!!!!!! He said no, we needed new tires. SHEESH! Where are his priorities!?!? MEN!! LOL

We will leave on January 2nd and get back late night on the 3rd and the chaos begins again. We are behind on some studies I had wanted to do, B has STILL not read a book I assigned him for Lit. Therefore he has not TOUCHED the assignment. R has a dental appointment the day after we get back, L has an appointment with the surgeon to see if/when they will actually do the surgery, etc etc. On and on it goes.

Happy Holidays!!!!

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Nilbo said...

I'm from the Prairies, too, as you know from Amanda's blog. I live in PEI now and when you talked about junk food, all I could think of was Old Dutch Chips. Man, I miss those babies ...