Sunday, December 11, 2005

Muffin Fight

Just swept up an entire dustpan of poppy seed muffin off the hardwood floors. B had just swept the floors yesterday. Apparently this afternoon when I took L to see the Chronicles of Narnia, R and Bee had a "muffin fight". LOL

When asked where Daddy was during the fight, they chirped "Sleeping on the couch!" *sigh*

In his defense, the poor man stayed up until 2:30 this morning working. They have some deadline at work and lots of co-workers went in to the office yesterday and today. At least he got to stay here:)

And the kids had fun, that is what matters, right?? I have a post drafted, waiting to publish it. I am hesitating, trying to edit some out. I talk too much and prattle ON and ON and am trying to get the same amount said in at least half the time. I may not post it, too boring:) LOL I just find it a bit interesting, that it was all about my struggle to keep the house relatively clean with 4 kids who are here, not at school. All our projects and art work all over, etc etc.

Off to bed...

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