Thursday, December 01, 2005

Igot Bee some winter boots on sale yesterday at Target. She has not had any since she was about 2 and she needed ones that fit. She has been wearing old hand-me-downs of her brothers' and I thought I would splurge and get girly ones.

Decided today to go buy all the boys some. R can fit some old ones of L and B's, but what fun is that, right?? L and B need new ones for sure and it is no fair (I thought) to get 3 kids something new and not the other. So I got all the boys boots JUST IN TIME!

They had a fun time! It is not much, no more than an inch. These poor deprived kids made the most of it and then went with their Dad to get the Christmas tree. L and I stayed in AND stayed home. We are not that outdoorsy (although I always was as a kid) and stayed home visiting with each other.

So here are a few pics. The only people who read this are family anyway, so what's the harm??

The red thing hanging from Bee's coat is the shirt of Davy's that she has been wearing.

To steal a common phrase from one of my older brothers:

Carry on.

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