Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well, things have been busy, as always.

Something very exciting happened last night. B had been asked to try out for the "Rep" hockey team in his division. It is the competitive team that represents the association. People have been watching and took note of his speed and overall talent:) They say he is in the top 5% of the entire Association. So last night were try outs.

They got there and saw that Alain Lemieux, Mario's brother, was there!?!?! He was the one running the whole thing, telling B and the kids what drills to do, etc. He signed B's glove and Jersey!?!?!?

Hubby wishes he had known, he would have taken the camera. I thought that was amazing!!! B was SO EXCITED when they got home. Well, Hubby was pretty stoked too:)

So we will find out soon if he got on the team. One coach was there and said he wants him, he just has to talk to the head coach or something.

Here are the pros to B moving onto this team-

These guys really take things seriously and work as a team, something he has been very frustrated with on his current, regular team. He likes the guys fine, but has commented on their immaturity (he doesn't use that word, but that is what he means) and they just don't seem to want to be there. They don't listen to the coaches most of the time. This makes it hard for him to reach his full potential and really have fun. He is just annoyed half the time, with the kids being "puck hogs" and not passing, etc. He was so excited last night, saying how these guys actually work together, he couldn't get over it!

This Rep team will work him harder and challenge him more.

It is a big compliment!


Mess with the schedule BIG TIME. LOL

He will practice much more often, which means even more driving and neglecting the other kids and their activities.

Hubby can't be assistant coach on that team and will need to stay with B's current team. Refer to the first Con.

So we will see. If, for some reason, he doesn't get on, then it will all work out. He is kind of sad to leave the other guys, so then he won't have to:)

I will try to catch you all up on things later, but must fold the mountain of laundry while the kids are still asleep. The older two kids fold their own, and even with them keeping up on it, I have been slacking in my department!

We are off to a glass blowing field trip, will post pics of our creations as soon as I can!

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