Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Birthday girl!

Here is a photo tribute to Princess.

What started out like this ~

Soon turned to this ~

Before we knew it, this beautiful creature had emerged (along with one of her brothers, a tiny Clown) ~

Pretty soon, we were blessed with the presence of this...

Before all her hair was cut off at three years old, with cousin G ~

And then, we see the beauty that she was a year ago, at five years old ~

Oppps, maybe that is not one of her best moments! LOL

How about this??? With Jock, using her new Easy Bake Oven :)

On her sixth birthday, about to be tucked into bed by big brother, Brain ~

Here is the big girl, lazing about with brothers...

Happy Birthday Angel Girl! Can't fathom that you really are not a baby any longer!


Jude said...

Damn girl, you have cute kids!

sydwynd said...

Man they grow up so fast. Glad she had such a great day.

Lowa said...

Jude- Thanks! I of course love to show them off, glad others find them slightly attractive and not too hard on the eyes:) LOL We do get compliments quite often.

Vince- Ain't it the truth! Bet it seems like Maverick and Grasshopper were just a gleam in your eye not too long ago, eh?? Now look at them! She had an awesome day, was special. I will post more details soon, Clown and I must go run some errands whilst the others are in school. One of the errands being to grab myself a treat from Starbucks! A girl has her priorities!

Happy and Blue 2 said...

Glad you got the teeth fixed, ha,ha.
It's really nice you have so many pictures of your kids..

Lowa said...

Happy- Yes, those teeth needed help, eh?? teehee

You have NO IDEA. We have THOUSANDS of photos. We were at a birthday party the other day and the mother put her camera down and said, "Never mind, the *insert our last name here* are here. They will take better pictures than me, anyway!" So we took 130 something, and she got to relax with her kids (they had combined two of her kids' parties into one) and not worry about snapping photos all the time. We are the photo freaks, for sure!