Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yes. That is correct. I joined Curves! I AM SO EXCITED!

Stud goes to the gym a few times a week. There is one near his office and he goes during lunch time. He plays hockey as well as coaching Jock's hockey team, which involves some physical activity. Thusly, he has lost over 30 lbs in the last year and is slowly building more muscle, which will burn MORE fat.

I weigh now what Stud weighed when we got married. He is six feet tall. I am almost five foot two. I am sure you see how this is not healthy??

At one point, he had gained over 60 lbs. I think it was about ten years ago, he was nearly 200 lbs. Yes, he didn't weigh very much when we got married, but neither did I. I was 98 lbs. He was 135, which means we were both on the scrawny side. Yes, I realise I just told you how much I weigh!! LOL

So you can also figure out that I have gained close to 40 lbs since getting married. Yes yes, I know I have been pregnant with and given birth to four children. That is no excuse, in my book. Especially since I was always known for being slim and cute (if I do say so myself! LOL) and easily shed all the pregnancy weight with no effort. People hated me and I could not understand why.

Until about five years ago. I noticed soon a bit before getting pregnant with Clown that rolls were developing and I was horrified. Looking back, I wish I was that weight now! LOL I was about 112 and had never been that heavy non-pregnant before. Once Clown was born, the weight was not melting off as quickly as it had with Brain and Jock. Before I could do anything about it, I was pregnant with Princess. I didn't get as huge with her as I had with all the boys, and soon after she was born, I was fairly slim again. Not nearly as slim and trim as I had been used to, but not too shabby. Around what I was when I got pregnant with Clown, which was good enough for me.

I noticed things jiggling and being a bit uncomfy and then once she weaned herself around Christmas of 2001, the weight seemed to come on pretty suddenly. Since then, I have gained about 30 lbs. NOW, I know why people used to hate me! I have to THINK about what I eat (which is a lot of the problem. I panicked and started making food a huge part of my life and thought far too much about it. Started living to eat, not eating to live) and really be more aware of things. I guess it is the aging and the metabolism and all that.

So anyway, as you may recall, I joined Jenny Craig in August. I lost ten pounds fairly quickly and have miraculously kept it off. I only did it for three weeks because it was far too expensive and I learned what I needed to learn from them. Now, if I would follow the plan I set out for myself, I would lose another ten at least! I have been eating pretty badly, back to my Starbucks treats etc. But I have not gained any and I think a lot of that is because I am still trying to remain active.

Stud and I are really clicking and connecting. We are doing better all the time and I find myself really wanting to spend as much time with him as possible. I had placed the kids above him and put them first. It is complicated as to why I did this, but the fact is it happened. All subconscious and stuff. The Brain is amazing. Now, I am totally focused on him and kind of neglect the kids. Not neglect, but don't focus on them as much as I had been. The result of that is not what I always feared would happen if I did that. Even though I did not consciously do this, it was a result of being so tuned in to Stud that I would sometimes realise I was not with the kids as much, etc. I thought it would damage the kids, but instead (as I knew deep down from all my reading, etc) they feel more safe and secure and are just fine. They are happy their Dad and I are going out more and cuddling all the time. We talk with each other MUCH more and are just not in our own corner of the house when we are all home, we are usually with each other. This makes me extremely happy and I think the kids are enjoying it.

All that to say that I asked Stud if he would go to a gym with me. I said that since he gets to join one and work out and get fit, that I would also like to. I suggested that he do that WITH me. It would be a common interest and activity that we could do together. I also wanted him to show me how to use the machines, etc. I have never been in a gym in my life and have no idea what to do. He said he can't get up in the morning and do it (which is when I wanted to) and he likes to break up the day and do it mid day to have a break from work.

So I was telling my friends this and one of them suggested Curves. There has been one right near our house for at least a few years, I am not sure why I never thought of it. So I went and got my figure analysis done yesterday. I told her I want to be 110 lbs and a size 5/6. I am now a size 10. She asked me if that size for my goal was realistic!??! I wasn't too impressed. I said "Of course it is. I used to be a 2 or a zero, I think a 5/6 is not unreasonable." GEEZ! What a MEANY!! *sniff*

I did the work out with her and MAN! That KICKED MY BUM! LOL This was yesterday afternoon. Then I got up at 6 this morning and went in. I couldn't even finish the whole thing! LOL I plan to go at least once a morning (it is a half hour work out) for a week or two and then hopefully go through the thing twice, to make it an hour every day. Then I want to "power walk" a few times a week at least, if not every day. Then I am still doing my twice weekly water aerobics, which I LOVE. So by Christmas, most of this flubber better be melted off and I hope to be more toned by then. I am still pretty toned under all the padding. I am very excited, though!

Anyway, that is my exciting news for today:) My calves hurt SO BAD. As well as my obliques, now that I think about it:) YAHOO FOR ME!!


Happy and Blue 2 said...

I'm sure Curves will work for you. I know several women who have gone there. They really need a Curves for men. Maybe a Vshapes or something, ha,ha.
Anyways woohoo for you..

NTFrog said...

Good for you!!! Who told you about Curves? We have one up here, and I know a LOT of people who love the program. Did I tell you that?
I can relate to the sore abs - I have been taking a body rolling class, and for some reason, after Saturday's class, my abs and all the muscles around my ribs have been sore ever since!! I went for a massage today, and feel much better.

Lowa said...

Happy- Yes, it would be nice if they had something for men. Main reason tihs was started, if I understand it right, is so weoman feel safer and don't feel like they are being oogled by men as they work out! I am sure men may want something like that, but maybe I am wrong. I am sure a lot of why men like going to the gym, is to be around all the hot women:)

C- It WAS you who told me! LOL GOOFBALL! I have been so bad for keeping in touch, I never even thanked you for the suggestion. SO THANKS!

Hope you feel better soon! you gonna comment on Happy's blog at some point??

l said...

Kudos to you for taking your physical fitness in your own hands. I know personally that the rumors of exercise boosting energy levels and improving mood are true. As far as realistic goals, you should feel free to reassess your goals as you go along. It's hard to gauge what's do-able until you really get into it. Glad, too, to hear that you and Stud are making real connections with each other. You sound so happy. :)

Library Mama said...

Good for you!

And you sound SO excited. That's great.

Also great that you and Stud are ironing things out. Glad to hear it.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Good lord girl. I got so tired reading about all that exercise that I had to lay down and take a nap. Now about this eating right thing... bacon, eggs, hash browns, hot chocolate, with pancakes on the side; that is a good breakfast to start your day off. Keep up the good work and the results will be well worth it. My days for looking fit are so long gone that I don't worry about it anymore. However I DO like looking at you good looking gals who are fit and trim. ha,ha. Sorry about the home problems. Keep up a positive spirit and it will work out.

sydwynd said...

I used to love working out with the Wife when we were in college. It's much more fun with a partner.

Congrats on doing something to feel better and healthier. I will give you one word of caution. Your muscles need time to recover. While some people think it's great to excersize every day, you don't want to excersize the same muscle groups each day. For example, if you're working biceps and triceps one day and go to the gym the next, work a different group like abs and back. You'll really wear out your muscles and do more harm than good. If you're doing all over conditioning, you might want to go to the gym every other day instead of every day.

Lowa said...

Tim- LOL (remember, that means Laughing Out Loud) Sorry for making you tired! I took a nap when I got back from there yesterday morning, trust me! Teehee Yes, I am sure you enjoy looking at the fit and trim ladies:) Thanks for the encouragement about the home issues, that is sweet!

Vince-Thanks for the tip. I figured it out this morning, when I could hardly get out of bed. So I plan to go every other morning for a few weeks and then see how things go. I was surprised at how sore I was, especially the backs of my calves. I seriously could hardly support myself or walk for a few minutes. Within five minutes, I was walking fine, just in some pain. They have a machine there that you kick back behind you as far as you can, pushing this thingy. I can't kick nearly as far as I need to, since I am just learning and getting in shape. But I obviously did something, it HURTS still! So yes, I will go easy. Thanks for the advice. I am just so anxious to get my slim, toned body back (or at least as close to it as possible) that I get over excited.

Jude said...

Good luck hon, and yes Vince's advice is rock solid! And I'm SOOOO glad to hear things are working out for you and The Mr. :-)