Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Day Princess turned SIX!!

So as previously mentioned, our baby girl was the big six on Tuesday.

Normally, our kids awake to at least one of their gifts hidden somewhere or sitting on their bed or at their place at the table. They may discover it when they get out of bed or go to eat their birthday breakfast, which is usually anything they want. One time Clown chose to eat a small bowl of chocolate chips. We also planned to meet some friends at a movie after lunch and the poor child had such a tummy ache, his entire day was a wash. He has not forgotten and carefully chooses a healthy breakfast on his birthday ever since then.

We could not do anything as usual this time around. I had an MRI scheduled for early that morning, and it was the only time I could do it. I was also scheduled to help in her class that morning. Stud took the day off of work and drove me to and from my MRI. They wanted me to take some drugs prior to it, so I could not drive or anything. I did not know how the drugs would effect me and Stud went with her to the school. Turns out the drugs had no effect at all and I would have been fine. Of course, she was tickled to have her father in there and it was a very special day in that way.

So everything was on hold for much of the morning. Daddy went and got her McDonald's for lunch (her FAVOURITE) and we played a bit and stuff. She has been BEGGING for mice or turtle or frogs or some small pet for a few years and I convinced Stud that she was old enough now. He agreed with me that we need to encourage our kids in their gifts. She has a gift of compassion and adores animals and babies, etc. Instead of seeing that as an annoyance and just something else to deal with, I feel our job as parents is to encourage and support our children in whatever their interests are. Within reason, of course! He is now on board with this as well and I was very relieved to find that out!

Brain was sad that he would miss much of her special day. Our kids are used to spending their birthdays with each other and they fall all over themselves making the days special and the birthday child feel like the King or Queen for the day. He was really sad that he could not do that. He is SO HELPFUL and got her ready for us while I was at the MRI. By the time Stud and I got home, he had her fed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed and waiting by the front door with her coat and backpack on. I had e-mailed his first period teacher to let him know that he would be late. We are so pleased and impressed with how responsible Brain and Jock can be!

Much of the fun was put off until the boys got home from school anyway. Stud stayed here and watched a movie with the younger two, while I ran to the pet Store to get the mice and all the necessities. She had wanted a pink castle cage, but the man there said that was mainly for hamsters and mice don't like it and don't use much of it. It was $42 before tax anyway and then he showed me the tank he recommended that I get. It was $12. You don't have to tell me twice, buddy!

So I got pink bedding stuff and all the things we needed. By the time I got home, Brain and Jock were home from school and wanting to help prepare. Jock was very excited and wrote out all the clues for the treasure hunt and set it all up. She would find various things needed to care for mice along with some of the clues. Eventually, she found the mice themselves in her room!!!

Here she is, with her little babies. "Frostine" and "Snowflake".

As the day wore on, my head started to hurt very much. I eventually had to take some Aleve, which really helped. I don't normally take anything for pain, but really got to the point where I could not stand it. I can only assume it was from the dye they injected and it was trying to work it's way out of the my body or something. Who knows. All I know it is that it hurt a lot and has not really gone away since then. I got the results from the MRI, which are that everything looks fine. The next step is to go to a neurologist.

I somehow made her requested supper (chicken, chicken flavoured instant rice and broccoli) and she shared a fancy dessert that I chose for her at the grocery store. All in all, it was a very nice day!

I want to also post about her party yesterday, but my head is really getting worse, so I will lay down for now.

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