Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Puuuuuddy Tats

It is that time of year again. Too cold out for our kitties to be outside all winter. So we have brought them in for the next four or five months. Time to load up on kitty litter again!

We only allow them downstairs. Since all the boys' rooms are down here, they need to keep the doors closed because I don't want cat fur all over their beds and pillows and everything. There is a door we can shut that leads upstairs, so no worries about them getting into anything up there. Now that Princess has mice in the house, we have to be especially careful.

I would post a precious photo of the kids and cats cuddling together, but the retarded things are still so freaked out (Clown and I let them in about 9:30 this morning) they have not come out from behind the futon all day! Princess has squished herself back there now in an attempt to coax them out. OH! It is working, one of them is now exploring a little bit and sniffing at things. Usually takes them a few days and then they relax and laze about. Same in the spring, they freak out when we put them outside. You would think they could remember from year to year!

Ok, Clown is now out of the shower, I need to go give Princess a bath (she refuses to shower) and then we are all going to hunker down with some popcorn and watch "Over the Hedge". Stud has not seen it yet, so the kids are excited to see what he thinks!!

Have a great night everyone!!


Happy and Blue 2 said...

Don't people usually want cats to get the mice,ha,ha..
Hope they aren't too traumatized by the move indoors..

sydwynd said...

You have cats. There will be cat fur everywhere, no matter what you do or how ever many doors you close. Trust me, I know.

Hope you enjoyed the movie!

NTFrog said...

why would you want CATS in your house, anyway???? Sheesh!!
(BTW, I still haven't seen Over the Hedge!!)

Lowa said...

Happy- Yes, it's true:) Brain hopes to get a python soon, and will need to feed them live mice. Stud suggested the mice we get Princess for her birthday be sued to breed food for Brain's snake. Hardy Har Har.

Vince- The cats are out again! LOL Didn't even last 48 hours. Jock is far too allergic and even Princess was showing symptoms. Clown was wheezing and almost needed a nebulizer treatment. Ain't worth it. Clown and I let them out this morning and they were most pleased. When Clown and I Princess and I went for a walk later, one of them followed us quite a distance. You are right, too. Just from that 48 hours in the basement here, there is fur on EVERYTHING! I don't miss that:)

Movie was good, Stud enjoyed. The kids and I had seen it more than once in the theatre and raved about it. I was worried he would be disappointed, since we had gone on and on. He loved it! Incidentally, as I write this, Brain and Clown are quoting the goat from "Hoodwinked". They still go ON and ON about that movie! LOL Another play by play. Brain just said to Princess, "You want a piggy back ride??" And she said, "No, you are gonna hurt me!" He insisted he wouldn't and she said all cute, "I can see that smiiiilllleeeee!!" He cracked up! They are now galloping through the house, with Clown chasing, begging for his turn!

Kermit- hey, I just realised that your name here has two meanings. The nickname I gave you when we was kids, and the Fully Rely On God thing, eh?? COOL!! GO SEE IT OVER THE HEDGE!!

And what do you mean why would I want cats in the house?? Were you raised on a farm or something?? SHEESH! (teehee)