Thursday, October 05, 2006

Note to Jock...from Jock!

This was so cute. I just saw on the table that Jock has left himself a note, written on a napkin, set atop his beloved hat that he wears daily.

It reads~

To Jock,

Remember trunks and towel in dryer.



Except he used his full name, not just his first:) He cracks me up!

He got to swim at school for the first time and I guess must have thrown those in the dryer while I was at my water aerobics class (which, by the way, was the toughest one yet! I LOVE IT!) so he would have them ready for school tomorrow.

TOO CUTE! I went to his room to hug him, because of the irresistible & squish-able cuteness, but he is already asleep. He was up at 5 to go play "stick and puck" with his Dad before school and was obviously exhausted.


Dooneybug said...

I used to do water aerobics and loved it too! It never felt like exercise, you never really sweat, and it's playing in the water! What 'exercise' could be more fun?

Happy and Blue 2 said...

Ha,ha..My house is full of similar notes. Without the formal name part though..

l said...

Since I don't have any kids, I can only imagine that one of the best things about them is getting to know them and their personalities as they grow up and develop... something that keeps changing. Thanks for sharing - it made me smile!

Lowa said...

Dooney- Yes, I just love it. Never tried it before, but it is SO FUN!

Happy- Man! I can't believe you are faithful here. I have GOT to get to your blog and catch up. Keep glancing and enjoying, not taking time to comment. I will soon! Yes, my mother is a note leaver-arounder, maybe he gets it from her! The name is what I got such a kick out of, for sure!

L- Yes, it is pretty fun to watch and see who they become. Sucks when they become grouchy, lippy little farts like Jock is, but more on that later! LOL