Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Long update

I am sure this will be a long post, so be forewarned. When I plan a short one, I ramble on. So I am sure when I have so much news to tell, it will certainly be long.

I wanted to show a few more pictures from our zoo trip. The kids and Stud all had fun climbing in this big spider web made of thick strong rope. We try to make sure every trip to the zoo that the kids get some time in that area. There are huge trees to climb and a stream and some forest. It is really pretty and we like to spend time in that play area if we can.

Stud climbed onto the spider web and got in a funny position. He like to get silly with the kids sometimes and they love it! Brain told me that night that the highlight of the zoo trip was when Dad was on the web and in the trees with them:)

I got on with Clown while the other three shook the web. I truly felt like I was flying through the air! In reality we were probably hardly moving at all:) I thought this photo turned out pretty funny~

This past Friday night, Stud and I went to a Silvertips game. It was the season opener and we had a great time. We were all excited that we got centre ice seats. In actuality, that was not a good thing because the visitor team's coaches stood on the benches and paced!!! Since we were in the first row directly behind them, we had a hard time seeing a lot of the action. Stud FINALLY bought himself a Jersey, so that was exciting. It was funny, we were talking on the drive home about how Jock would be jealous when he saw it. Stud said, "He will say 'NO FAIR!!!', you just watch." Well, sure enough. Like we both knew. Stud had even said it in the same tone and whiney voice that Jock did later on and everything. It was hysterical, you likely had to be there! We sat beside this woman who knew me from when Clown and Princess were in music class a few years ago. She remembered their names and everything! I would not have even recognised her, if she had not spoken to me. I have no idea who her kids are or anything. She told me, but I don't remember. I felt bad, but I guess I am getting old!

This past Saturday morning, Stud and I left the kids at Giggles and Smiley's house (don't worry, their parents were there!!!) and then headed two hours East to a wedding of good friends of our's. They have been together for about six years and we are all saying, IT IS ABOUT TIME they got married:)

It was AWESOME! Very, very fun. It was incredibly elegant and fancy. The bride is also Canadian (she and I get along well:)) and her family came down from various areas in Alberta, one of the best, if not THE BEST provinces in the country:)

I even loosened up and danced with my husband. Pathetic as it is, that has never happened. It was just a slow dance, none of that cool stuff you need to have rhythm for. I had a great time and am really glad that I did that. Stud doesn't dance, but he finally cut loose and danced up a storm. It was so entertaining to watch! I am glad that he finally did it, I am not sure why he hasn't until this point.

It was nice to have a night away from the kids! The next morning we left the hotel and went to the bride and groom's for the gift opening. Man, they got some AMAZING stuff, very unique and cool.

Sunday was also my birthday and I found a card on the seat of the car that morning from Stud. I thought that was so sweet, he knows I love stuff like that. He also got me some new perfume and this was delivered today. Isn't it neat?!??! It feels SO NICE and amazing on my tired old eyes:) When we picked the kids up, they had made me cupcakes and put candles in them. They all sang to me and it was so sweet:) Then J (Giggles and Smiley's Mom) gave me a card with a Starbucks gift card in it. She knows I love my treats from there, I thought that was SO THOUGHTFUL!

My friend L sent this home with Stud last night. Our husbands work together (her hubby is the older brother of the groom from this weekend) and carpool every day. So Stud is over at their house every morning and night going to and from work. This is a glass "purse" that the flowers are in. Isn't it NEATO!?!?

I feel bad, she feels so horrible because she forgot my birthday and spent some of it WITH me (we all four ate breakfast together in the hotel that morning), and didn't remember. I told her she was a bit preoccupied with the wedding she helped put together, it was totally fine. We had lunch yesterday at McDonald's with the kids and in the course of the conversation, in my attempt to tell her something sweet and funny Stud had done, my birthday was mentioned. So in the time between lunch (we left the golden arches quite late, after 2 pm) she somehow went home, made a GORGEOUS card for me with her Stampin' Up! stuff and got those flowers. Now *I* feel terrible, I didn't want her to feel bad or anything. I seldom do anything for HER birthday. In fact I feel really bad because I missed her B'day this past February. It was her first since her mother passed away almost a year ago and I vowed I would do something special for her. It came and went when Brain was having his surgery and all the mess happened in Spokane with Stud leaving our friends to take Clown to the ER etc, etc. I was a tad distracted, as she was now with all she has going on.

Lots more to tell, like how things are going with the kids in school, etc. But I have to clean some things, I need to catch up on housework! I will post more regular updates, I hope.


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Sorry it's late.

BTW - my birthday was yesterday. :-)

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Is the Stones concert a birthday thingy or just cause if they are in town, no one in their right mind would miss?? LOL