Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stud's blog

Ok, so Stud did not post about "The Great Pumpkin Patch Fiasco" yet. However, he DID write a short (to me, since I can blab for hours) blurb on something he and I are very passionate about.

If anyone is interested, go here and see what you think.

Reading through the comments on the link that he has there, is really interesting. I have still not found time to wade through the entire thing, but hope to at some point soon.

Anyway, just FYI!

Nighty night!


l said...

WHAT?? Stud has a blog?? Whoa.

Lowa said...

Yes, indeed. He had one before *I* did. Then he started one that myself and his family could all contribute to. Instead of starting a new one, (not sure why, guess I didn't really think of it) I took that one (this one) and tweaked it and changed it to be my own.

And voila! Here we are!