Thursday, October 05, 2006

Clown is growing up!

Clown finally lost one of his top baby teeth. This is only the third tooth he has lost. It was loose for months and was dying. I noticed it was turning grey and made an appointment with the kids' dentist. Their regular appointment is not until late November and we needed to get him in there before that.

He has worked it and worked it and was finally able to get it to pop out last Monday night. His appointment was on Wednesday morning, so I had time to cancel it.

Here is the proud and excited young man with his gap. He has three other loose ones and is anxious for them to be out and receive even more moola from the tooth fairy!


sydwynd said...

Such a momentous occasion! I recall with the boys lost thier first tooth. Grasshopper swallowed his!

Hopefully the Tooth Fairy will be generous.

Jude said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :-)

I remember when I was little having mom wrap a thread around my loose tooth and pulling. Back then I think the Tooth Fairy was only coughing up a dime. LOL

Lowa said...

Vince- Yes, this is very exciting stuff. He got $2, only because it took so long to come out and he was so patient.

Jude - Thanks:) It was calm, but nice. Stud says he is going to take me out to eat soon and two of my friends are planning on taking me out also:) teehee, I am so spoiled!

I know, I think the most the tooth fairy ever left me was a quarter. That just doesn't go far these days. Usually she leaves our kids a dollar, but this time was special:)