Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Before I say anything, I want to warn my parents that there are going to be photos of Davy in this one. If you are not ok with seeing them, stop now please:)

I should be packing and getting kids to bed. I got Princess settled, but all the boys are busy with various things, keeping out of trouble. So I will leave well enough alone. Stud left for his hockey game. Sure hope they win! Poor guy, they have not won one game all season!

After posting Cryptic's story, I got thinking more about my version of what happened. I plan to finally post my version soon. I hesitate because it involves putting thought into what happened and I have avoided that for all these months. I think of Davy daily, hourly even. However, it is all the wonderful memories, not the horrible minutes, hours, days and weeks after his death. I haven't allowed myself to go there, but I think I need to soon.

Anyway, as I thought of that, I thought it might be nice to show a photo of Davy. Also one of he and Cryptic together. The first one is of Davy in the Living Room at my parents' farm about a week before he died. You will note a much younger Clown in the background, talking to one of my brothers who is in a chair behind Davy, so you can't see him.

The red and blue mesh thing underneath Davy in the wheelchair was his "sling". That was what supported him while he was moved from room to room, into the tub, onto the bed, etc with the lift that Cryptic spoke of.

In this picture, Davy looks a tad surprised. That is cause he was! He was watching TV and I took him by surprise when I snapped the picture. He kind of jumped in his chair and I felt bad. I had a habit of doing that. I am can be very expressive and am quite loud much of the time. Poor guy! He was always jumping when I was around! I even made him cry sometimes, from scaring him too much. I felt so bad. The good part was, I got to rush over and kiss and cuddle and comfort him and soon he was much better and beaming his beautiful grin at me again!

Here is one of him in bed, with Cryptic standing beside him, holding his hand and talking. They were nine months apart in age and both got a kick out of Cryptic having an Uncle only nine months older than him!! There are many pictures of them together over the years, wearing matching PJ's, etc. None of those are digital, so I can't share them right now. This was taken on July 29th, 2005. Davy passed away in his sleep and my father found him early morning of August 2nd, 2005.

I was leaving soon to take my kids and two nieces back here. We were leaving for Calgary within the next few days and I suggested that Cryptic go in Davy's room and spend some time with him since things had been hectic and we had to leave soon.

Alright, better get these kids in bed. It is snowing up a storm here, seems to be snowing everywhere lately! The kids are excited, because they are sure they will miss school tomorrow!


Library Mama said...

I love the pic of Cryptic holding Davy's hand. That's a treasure.

You know, I liked Cryptic's sentiment that God just felt it was time to give Davy some rest after all he'd been through. I know it's so hard on everyone left behind, but I'm sure the vision of Davy on that eagle flying him up to heaven helps.


Happy and Blue 2 said...

I'm glad he got to spend his time with a loving family..

The Ramblin Irishman said...

I know it hurts but those memories are precious. I choke up a little when I look at the picture of my boy and I at the Denver airport the day before he passed away. The day will come and we will be joined together again, thank goodness.

Jude said...

I'm so glad you're talking about it, and seeing these pictures of your beloved Davy is wonderful. Thank you!

sydwynd said...

Losing a loved one, not matter who or how, is always painful. Glad you can remember the good times.

Lowa said...

LM- Yes, I love this shot. I wish there were more from that summer, but things were a whirlwind. I will tell more detail when I post my story (which may have to be in installments).

I said pretty much the same thing and Cryptic and I are usually on similar wave lengths. So I am not sure how much of that was what he heard me saying, or what he truly believes himself. I think a little of both. I am THRILLED that Davy is now running/walking/flying or what have you. However, I am selfish and still want him here on earth with us.

Happy-Yes, so are we. We thanked God daily that his biological family didn't feel like they could make time to care for his special needs. We felt sad for him at first, but as time went on, were thrilled that they made that choice, again, for selfish reasons!

Tim-How right you are! I am excited for that day! I know that picture of you and your little boy is so special. What a horrible ordeal you all went through! Yes, I am grateful for the good memories, for sure.

Jude- Me too. Anytime! I love to share pics of my baby bro!

Vince- Thanks. Very true. The ones we have lost that were expected, and even a blessing because they were suffering, are still hard for sure. And there were plenty of good times with that little stinker. One of my best memories of him was at my brother's wedding in Calgary, summer 2003. People took turns moving Davy around to the music in his wheelchair. He got to dance and was he HAPPY! Beaming from ear to ear, making those precious sounds and always looking around to make sure my parents were watching, and saw him dacing. Of course my parents were brimming with pride!