Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brother on the radio

Yeah, so my brother, the writer, is doing another radio interview coming up on Thursday.

You can go and listen live on the internet at 3:30 our time, 6:30 Eastern.

Go here and have a listen, eh??


That is all. Back to my ab workout and then my walk, shower and getting Princess from school. Clown is working on some fun worksheets that he is actually excited about!!!


Egan said...

How the heck was your ab workout?

Lowa said...

Egan- It was rough and loud! LOL I bought this contraption called an "Ab-DOer Extreme". It is very squeaky when you move around on it and do the workout along with the DVD that comes with it. But man!! If I keep at this, by summer time I should be looking good again:)