Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, as you can see I have a photo of myself up here finally. To help remind me I want to be that slim again. I don't want all that make up on again though. ICK! I am glad I figured out to get my eyebrows waxed since then:) This was taken when Cryptic was a toddler and I think I was early in my pregnancy with Jock. So that would make me 24.

So on Friday after my horrid medical/coffee fiasco, Stud told me to go for a pedicure/manicure and have a nice time. I had been trying to go all week and it just never worked out. So I was glad he made me go, it was very nice. I even have those girly long fingernails and everything. Looks odd on my masculine looking hands, but it is kind of fun:) We will see how long this lasts!!!

When I got back, Stud told me that the VP of the middle school that Jock and Cryptic attend had called him. Apparently, some friend of Jock's had been harassing him quite a bit over the course of the day and finally Jock had enough. The boy was bent over a water fountain getting a drink and Jock took it upon himself to push the boy's head into the stream of water. Unfortunately, I think he used quite a bit of force and also since the boy has braces, this resulted in some bleeding.

If a student bleeds because of another student, it is an automatic three day suspension from school. But the VP explained to Stud that since he enjoys working with Jock (Jock spends a lot of time in the office and doing errands around the school since he often has all of his school done far ahead of time) and since the two boys are friends and were not seriously upset at each other, he will do a one day "in school" suspension.

So for today Jock and the boy are in a classroom and their work will be brought to them. I have my own theory as to why the VP did this. I know some of it is that Jock is a good kid overall, but I wonder how much of it is that he wants him there to do all his errands for him??

I need to go and make Stud and I our eggs and toast and get some school done with Clown. Then it is off to clean and scrub. Some friends from church who are missionaries in Spain are home for a year. We have FINALLY co-ordinated our schedules and they are coming over for lasagna tonight.

I will try to post more often this week. I still need to post about Cryptic, and share about our weekend in BC.


sydwynd said...

Damn, what a babe you are! How does Stud manage to keep his hands off you?

It's nice to hear some principals actually use their heads. There are so many schools that take stupid actions for minor offenses.

Lowa said...

Vince - Well that is sweet of you to say, but let's clarify. This photo is about 12 or 13 years old. So I AM not a babe, but maybe I WAS:) Teehee

Yes, this VP seems alright for sure.

sydwynd said...

I disagree. Even if it's an old photo, you're still a babe. A wiser babe, perhaps, but still a babe.

Lowa said...

Vince you are too sweet. And you are totally right about the wiser part. That is the one cool thing about aging, eh??? We all learn so much:)