Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years

Happy New Year everyone!!!

When the time switched over to the New Year, Jock was here on my computer playing his new hunting game that he bought with gift cards he received for Christmas.

Cryptic, Stud and I were in the Living Room watching some of the Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs I got.

Princess and Clown were down here in the Rec Room watching "A Christmas Story". They love how Ralphie swears. They rewind over and over again...*sigh*. I think they had fallen asleep by midnight, though.

I have many resolutions. I should write them down before I forget them!

One of them is to walk 20 minutes a day, rain or shine. So I had better get out there!

Hope everyone has a great year and thanks for visiting my little blog here:)


sydwynd said...

Happy New Year!

We watched Monster House last night with the boys. Then the Wife fell asleep in the chair until about 11:45 and went to bed just after midnight.

Jude said...

Great pictures hon! Good luck on your vow to do lots of walking, it's sure good for a body. And Happy 2007!

Library Mama said...

I love Everybody Loves Raymond! Do you ever see your marriage reflected back to you in that show? Main Man and I feel like we are laughing at ourselves when we watch it.

Good luck with your resolutions!

Lowa said...

Vince- What did you think of MOnster House? The idea of the woman taking over and BECOMING the house really disturbed me. I found it scary also. Did your boys like it!?!?

Jude- Thanks! So far, I have been bad with the walking. The horrid winds are back and it is hard not to get blown away out there! I need to brave it though. I got some reflective bands to wear on my arms when it is still dark out.

LM-YES! Totally! That is why I love it so much. I don't know how much of the first season I ever saw, I don't remember a lot of these episodes. We are finding that Ray was a lot more thoughtful and helpful around the house and with the kids in these ones. The way he was near the last few seasons, is more how Stud has always been. We remarked to each other on it just yesterday. I was saying how when our kids were teeny, he never would have helped with baths, diapers, taking them to the DR. or anything of that nature and he agreed. He most certainly would not have stayed home with them if I was sick or gotten up with them in the night! Not a chance! Sometimes I wish we could go back and do it again, I felt like a single mother all those years. But at least he is plugged in now! That is what matters, right??? I want to go watch a few more episodes now:)