Monday, January 01, 2007

It is fun to have a girl and all these girly gifts.

This doll interacts with Princess and dances the same dance as she does. Or, she can also teach Princess and she can follow along with the doll.

Tea party with Daddy.

"Am I reduced to this?" Brom wonders.

Where are we going??


Library Mama said...

Sure, rub it in. (Just kidding.)

Sure looks like fun, though. Just look at all that pink!

Brom looks almost identical to our old dog, Torrie. She was the love of Main Man's life. He loves your pictures of Brom. They bring back happy memories for him.

Lowa said...

Sorry LM! LOL I still pinch myself sometimes, I was certain I would not have a girl.

Oh yes, there is pink in our house:)

That is sweet about Torrie and Brom looking like her! Glad Main Main enjoys the snaps of our Brommy Boy! He IS pretty cute. I may post about something messy that happened with him tonight!