Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ok, I am finally going to post a bit about Cryptic. I did the thing in October about Princess, when she turned six. Showed baby photos and then progressed to what she looks like now, to show how much she has changed and grown, etc.

I have been putting off doing Cryptic's because I was trying to find which pictures to use, and making time to do that was hard to come by. I decided to go ahead and do that tonight. Of course, after all that work and his Dad getting the photos blog worthy, he rushed down here and asked what I was doing.

He has forbidden me from posting them. He says no baby pictures, only current pictures. After a bit of coercion, he has agreed to ONE photo of when he was two, and then a more current one.

Behold ~

Christmas 1994

This was taken the day after his 14th birthday. November, 2006.

So that is a bit of a difference, eh?? See any resemblance from the two year old to the fourteen year old??

I told more about him in my blog last February. If you care to read more about him, you can scroll around in the archives from last February. Almost a year since he had his surgery. Hard to believe!!!

He is enjoying public school for the most part and we were all amused by the fact that he did not make the honour roll, but Jock did!! We don't care about grades at all and know they don't measure anything for the most part. Still, we were proud of Jock and told him so. He and Cryptic got a chuckle out of it, since it was assumed Cryptic would do well. I forgot they even had such things, until Jock brought this thing home listing his name with the other kids.

The lowest mark Cryptic has gotten this year was an 80%. Most of them are 100% with a few 90's and 95's sprinkled around. The reason he did not make the honour roll first semester is because he forgets to hand things in. Jock is really good about it and finishes ahead of time. Cryptic procrastinates and continues to put it off and then forgets to hand things in. That is one example of why marks don't mean much. Jock has mostly A's and Cryptic has D's and C's off and on. They quickly go up to A's when he hands in his work and then go down again as weeks go by and he has not handed things in again!!! So it is clear he has a good grasp of the material (they are both quite bored) and understands and regurgitates it just fine. So he has been working harder this semester and hopes to get on the honour roll. It was nice to see him motivated and having a goal.

Ok, I need to get up to walk to Curves. I have not missed a day this week with my working out in some fashion or another. We enjoyed listening to my brother on the radio today, besides the fact that the woman who interviewed him cannot pronounce his last name (not difficult. JohnsTon. There is a "T" in there! ARG! That used to drive me nuts when it was my name. MAN!!) and even though she is Canadian, she can't pronounce Saskatchewan. MAN! Bloody Easterners.


He said he could hardly hear her, so just guessed at what she was saying much of the time:) LOL I think he did awesome!!!

Hope all is well out there with all you wonderful people!!!


NTFrog said...

I missed Sean's interview by an hour!! Silly time difference....
Congrats to Jock on the honour roll; and good luck to Cryptic for this term, on meeting his goal. Unfortunately, I am afraid that would be one area my family as a whole would be graded poorly at - we are predictably late for just about everything, and I HATE that!! Mostly because I don't want my kids to learn from us, and always be rushing and late and putting things off to the last minute ... maybe it is a good thing that timeliness is encouraged, and part of the grading process.

Lowa said...

C- Yes, I agree with that you say. The odd part is that they still give them full credit even if it is handed in weeks late. So what exactly are they learning??? OH, I can take as long as I want and still get the 100% I know I will get?? If it was me, I would have a certain time frame and that would be it. It is not handed in, you get a ZILCH. So this is not really teaching them to change their ways, you know??

Too bad you missed Sean's interview. That station seems a bit...different. It was funny at one point she asked him why he is getting his PhD in South Dakota. He did his laugh that I love and said something about because he didn't get accepted to the University he WANTED to go to!! LOL