Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We are back!

Well, we made it back from Jock's hockey tournament safely. The kids are home from school again, because there is (GASP!) some more snow on the ground. This is just insane, I can't believe it.

The kids are loving it, all three of the kids who attend PS this year were begging for us to let them stay home no matter what. Even Jock, who LOVED public school at first is really tiring of it. He is bored. He gets all of his work done DAYS before the other kids and then spends his days running errands for the teachers.

Just wanted you all to know we are back and a story about the tournament will follow, I am sure. I am off for groceries and a pedicure. Not in that order, however.



Happy and Blue 2 said...

That's the trouble with home schooling. Kids get to dependable and smart, ha,ha..

Lowa said...

Happy- How true! Teehee

And I just now saw what you said on LM's site about the commercial. How right you are. Who on earth would want to date someone so full of themself?? ICK! She is missing out on a great guy, I am sure. Puts me in mind of Hitch, you seen it???

sydwynd said...

Glad you're back! Sorry Jock is bored. What's he doe with all of his free time at home if he's not doing homework?

NTFrog said...

Hey, what's up? I hope the pedicure didn't give you any trouble - you've been so quiet (how unlike you)!!
Speaking of snow issues, Little Bro stopped by the other night unexpectedly, and had photos of his travels through northern Alberta following the snowstorms last(?) week. Dozens of trucks and trailers in the ditches - it was amazing! And he insists, mostly preventable accidents. (He is, after all, an excellent driver!)

Lowa said...

Vince- Thanks, sure is good to be back home!

What he does with free time is instigate, antagonize, cook, play in the neighbourhood with all his buddies, play on the computer, read to his younger sibs, play with the dog...etc etc. He may spend one night a week doing school work and then he is done. He is meticulous about it too. Wants everything just so. He was on the honour roll, need to post about that soon!


LOL you are too funny! I didn't actually get it until this past Friday. More on that also:)

Yeah, I finally got your e-mails about E and the trucks and ditches etc. Freaky! Would love to see the pics somehow!

And of course he is. I know he is so close to our age, but I still picture him as a little five year old, you?? Can't imagine him driving, which is just stupid! LOL Of course he is! If he is still up there, tell him I said hi, ok??