Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pedicure gone bad

Again, I feel the need to seek advice on something.

As I stated earlier, I went for a pedicure on Friday. A man did it this time. I have never had him do anything, it is always one of the women who work there.

He was very rough. At one point, he went on a rampage with a pumice stone and seemed to derive great pleasure from attacking my heels! Usually, it is very relaxing and when I leave, my feet are soft and smooth. I am thinking that is a lot of the point to getting one???

Since then, my left heel has been hurting. It seems he did such a fine job, that he split my heel open and it is like a huge paper cut:( IT HURTS. *sniff* The bottoms of both feet are very rough and dry now. Worse than before I went in, which is saying something.

THEN. I got those fake nails put on. Remember, this was Friday. On Monday, two of them snapped off as I tried to open the trash compactor. This looks ridiculous. I paid $50 for this treatment???

So what do I do?? I feel bad going in to complain, but as Stud said, I paid good money for it and should say something and certainly have them fix my nails. I am not sure of the proper etiquette for something like this.

Please help!!


NTFrog said...

You and my friend Saundra should start a support group for people with pedicures-gone-bad. The first time she went for one, it was on her lunch break. She said she felt a lot of pressure, but didn't know what it was supposed to feel like. Then it started to hurt; finally, she couldn't take it anymore, so she made them stop before they were done and said, "I gotta get back to work!" Back at the office, she showed some friends, and her feet were bleeidng - they'd gone too deep with the callous shaver thing. Her friends told her that was not how it was supposed to be, so she went back to show them and complain; they wrapped her feet up in a wack of gauze and bandages, so she couldn't even get her shoes on. She said to them, "Oh, so when someone sees me walking down the street with my feet wrapped up like this, and asks what happened, shall I tell them that I just had a pedicure at '(name of spa)'?" They said, oh gee - uh , ... um ... they offered her a free pedicure, and she just said, No thanks! I don't think she has ever gotten another pedicure, to this day. Which is too bad - I have had nothing but good experiences at the place she went to, so it was just one bad apple there.
So yeah, go back and get your money back! Or at least get them to give you some kind of super cream to help heal your heel!

l said...

I don't know what to tell you about fake nails, but the Attack of the Pumice Stone should definitely be reported to the manager or owner of the salon. NO ONE should ever exfoliate your feet to the point of open wounds. What a jerk!

Lowa said...

C- WOW! Poor thing, what a horrible first impression! Yes, I need to do SOMETHING, that is for sure. I am sure it will take weeks to heal with no aid of any kind. Just have to wait until the new layers of skin get added on there or something.

L-I know it was weird. I didn't notice anything until a few hours later. My heels sometimes crack open on their own. But they had been fine. I recognised the pain, but was surprised that it would happen right after a pedicure. *sigh* I need to make time to go and get this taken care of...just another thing to do.

Egan said...

You must say something. They can't improve their process or personel's output if they don't get feedback. Speak up and see what they offer.

Lowa said...

Egan- I know it. I go in all the time and the women have been no problem. The guy was sweet enough and really gentle except for the freaky pumice episode. *sigh*

To go say something means I need to leave the house again and I avoid that at all costs. You would have to read my December 21st post to understand:)