Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back and Forth

Well, this should be interesting.

I just read Jock's blog and as usual, he has things a little twisted.

He was indeed banished to his room for a week. It happened on Clown's birthday. Monday the 19th. However, he got some things wrong. Poor kid has a habit of hearing what he wants to hear and convincing himself of something even when it did not happen that way. For example he tried to negotiate getting out of his room a day early. When I said I would talk to his Dad, he heard, "Ok, sounds good." or something like that proceeded to argue later and INSIST that I had said he could come out?? THANKFULLY Cryptic had been present and was my witness that I had not said what Jock convinced himself that he heard. I know everyone has a different perspective and you can have ten people watch or experience the same thing and they all have a different story. This is not the same, however.

Anyway, his sister was indeed unloading the dishwasher. He is known for calling all of us names and just generally getting people worked up. The younger two have been taught to ignore it or walk away, if they possibly can. I often can't tell the difference between when he is doing that and when it is all innocent playing. Sometimes Clown comes to me in tears, saying Jock has frustrated him to a point where he is going to seriously beat something or scream. Sometimes he does scream. Sometimes he punches things or knocks them over as he walks past. Sometimes I try and step in before it gets out of hand, only to find out that Clown or Princess is fine with it and all is well.

Even though Clown and Princess are so much younger than Jock, they are quite good at ignoring him when he calls names or tries to get them worked up. I think he is bored and just wants something to do. One of my brothers (also the second born) was (and STILL IS!) the same way.

So he called Princess a freak because she was humming or singing to herself or something. Often, she doesn't dare do anything for fear of some comment. She told me later that she really didn't care and felt like she should be able to relax and do that in her own home. When Jock called her a freak, she called him a freak back. What he did not mention on his blog was that he then decided to go and proceed to punch his seven-year-old sister. Apparently he can dish it out, but he can't take it. He calls her a name, she decides to do the same back and what is her reward?? Becoming a punching bag. This type of thing happens often and Stud and I had finally had enough.

I think I need to move my blog somewhere else. Cryptic found it and has shown Jock. So now Jock will read this and rant and rave on his blog and it will be like high school! He said, she said.

Jock, if you read this; I love you buddy. VERY MUCH. You know that, I tell you so often it makes you mad:) But dude...get your facts straight, eh?? Don't forget important "plot points" in your stories:) Such as...oh...HITTING YOUR PRECIOUS SISTER!!! Like I have told you before, just remember when she was a baby and could do no wrong, in your eyes. She really hasn't changed that much, it is how you guys treat her that makes her all defensive. Seriously. She is a sweet little girl just wanting attention from her amazing big brothers. Let the girl make noises! YA KNOW!?!? Who cares, really. Was it worth it?? Hurting her, scaring her and making her sad?? Being in your room that long?? Didn't think so, especially when you got TWO DAYS ADDED ON!

I missed you and am glad you are out with us again:)

I must get to bed as I have my lovely annual physical bright and early tomorrow morning. *sigh* The joys!


Jinny and Colin said...

Too bad we teach kids to read at such an early age hey..! haha At least there's nothing too incriminating in here for them to read. :)
We totally haven't lived out east ever. It should be an interesting experience, that's for sure. I'm not looking forward to the humidity, but oh well. It would totally be cool if you guys got to see my parents! I'd be jealous of them if they do make their way out your way.

sydwynd said...

Hearing what you want to hear is not isolated to kids. I have employees that do that.

My boys try stuff like that too but it basically doesn't matter. In any argument with Dad, I ALWAYS win. You don't like it, consequences get worse.

They don't argue with me too much.

Chas said...

This is exactly why I like to keep my blog private...not private in the sense that you need a password to view it, but private from my "real life" friends and family. Do I talk about anything terribly personal or embarrassing on my blog? No, but I do like knowing that I have free reign to blog about whatever I choose. If I knew my mom or my children (when they're older, obviously) were reading, I really wouldn't want the possibility of anything I posted being used against me (my husband does know about my blog, but he doesn't count).

I say...move the blog! Just let me know where you're moving when you do :).

Lowa said...

Jinny-VEry true. And you are right, nothing that he shouldn't read. But can I have MY OWN BLOODY PLACE TO VENT ALREADY!!??! LOL I don't want the kids to take anything the wrong way or anything, and think I mean something about them that I don't or anything, you know?? All my kids, even my boys, are incredibly sensitive and easily hurt and I certainly don't want that.

Hamilton will be a fun adventure! I lived in Kitchener for the summer of '88 with one of my brothers. WOW. Talk about hot and humid. YIKES! Fall will be beautiful, though:)

I know, I hope your parents make it down!

Vince-Wow...good point. I think all of us have the tendency to do that to a certain extent, but this boy truly needs help. Must be hard for you to deal with your employees who do Not fun!

Yeah, we generally think the same here. The older they get, the more open we will be to what they think and their opinions and such. We CAN be wrong at times and make mistakes. But overall, yeah, don't bother arguing.

Jock is the one who doesn't seem to get it. Princess does it sometimes, but she is easily shut down or distracted. Jock is relentless and doesn't give up! Thus so many more consequences for him, ya know?? Cryptic and Clown seem to just know not to bother. Fascinating how different they all are.