Friday, May 23, 2008

Lots of news

I want to post photos from Clown's party and all kinds of other things.
Don't have time right now but did want all of you to at least know that
Clown DOES NOT have Celiac disease! We are SO THANKFUL! He is needing
more iron, though. Apparently he is low on something calledferritin so
we have him on multivitamins with iron. Which should REALLY help with
his constipation from this wheat allergy...*sigh* Yes, that IS indeed
sarcasm. Thankfully, I have spent this past week trying to really get
some foods in the house that he can eat.

I have been busy making
him his own bread, driving from store to store trying to locate foods
that he and Princess can eat. She can't have many breads either because
they put soy oil or soy ANYTHING in them. I am going to be baking a lot
home made breads now, which is healthier anyway. We have discovered
many of their favourite crackers, cookies and treats are off limits
either for Clown, Princess or both. So this has been an interesting
week, really cracking down. I allowed Clown to have make the choice if
he wanted cake and pizza at the party and he said yes. His last "hoo rah!" if you will, before we really crack down. He was pleased for the treats, but really suffered, I felt so bad for him:(

I will close now and tell you all a bit about this photo. Clown loves the video game
and we had our cake making friend make a cake that he
designed himself. He wanted it to look like a sun and then have the
four elements on the surface. Fire, water, wind and earth. She did a
great job and he was pleased with it. Lemon cake with lemon filling!
YUMMY! She crumbled up a cookie and put candy rocks on the earth
section. I will also show a photo of Cryptic holding it, so it can
really be appreciated.

Ok, can hopefully catch everyone up with new later. Cryptic and I are off for our daily walk. I love it! We can get exercise and I can keep updated with all of his news:)


Mrs. Butler said...

This is a pretty cool sun cake :)

Koala Bear said...

That is so great that he doesn't have celiac disease! Sounds like you will be kept busy though with the wheat and soy allergies with baking your own bread.
The cake looks yummy!

Jude said...

I love that cake! And that's really great news about it NOT being Celiac, thank God.

sydwynd said...

I much prefer making my own bread when I have time. Of course, the kick ass kitchen aid mixer with the dough hook makes it easy. I highly recommend one if you don't already have.

Happy Birthday to Clown!

Lowa said...

Mrs. Butler-This name will always make me think of Jock when he was just a wee two year old lad. We had just moved to SC and found a doctor named "Dr. Butler". Jock could not say that very well and called him "Doc Butt-ER" all the time. He still remembers him. He did not like him very much because he dug some wax out of Jock's ear and it hurt him a lot. He STILL remembers almost 11 years later!

Koala- I know it! The cake WAS good, as far as cakes go. I don't like cake much. My mum always made me butter tarts or doughnuts for my birthday:)

Jude-Thank God is right! We have been thanking Him a LOT lately:)

Vince-You know, I have friends who have them and they seem to love them as much as you do! Maybe I should ask for one for Christmas?? I used to make bread a lot more often, I just can't seem to find a good place to let the dough rise. I have been warming the oven up and doing it that way with this odd gluten free stuff and it doesn't seem to rise much, but I wonder if that is just the nature of this stuff?? Fresh bread of one of my all time favourite smells AND tastes! Clown thanks you for the B day wishes! LOL He just came in here eating a gooey eye-ball candy and said, "Clown! Why do you call me Clown??" I guess he doesn't like it:( *sniff*

sydwynd said...

You should definately ask.

I normally let my dough rise on the countertop. I'll let it go through the first rise, punch it down, mold into a loaf, let rise again, then bake. It normally comes out quite good. However, I haven't tried any gluten free recipies. Give it a try.

Lowa said...

Vince-yeah, that is how my mum and I always do it. After the first rise, you punch it down and then seperate it into how ever many loaves you want. OR make some into cinnamon buns (YUM) or something. Then you let it rise again before cooking it. This stuff won't call for that at all, it just says let it rise and then cook. Very odd. Especially since it won't really even rise! LOL

We keep our house at 70 tops, usually 68 or so. So there is no way it will rise on the counter top.