Sunday, May 04, 2008


First I would like to say that I can't get to any of your blogs! I am going NUTS! Something happened to my internet explorer thing and Stud has not fixed it yet. I can't get to barely anything and an shocked that I am able to post this entry. I hope he can fix it soon so that I can catch up! And Dooney, if you are reading this, please e-mail me your e-mail adress or something. I have a long e-mail started to you and have nowhere to send it. Chas, I want to e-mail you soon also and can you let Dooney know I need her e-mail please?? THANKS!

I will sprinkle some photos from yesterday all through this post:)

So yesterday morning we got up and took the kids to see "Iron Man". It
was quite good. The younger three all say it is the best movie they
have ever seen. They say the same thing after every movie they see and tend to
forget that. Cryptic and Stud and I really enjoyed it, but some parts
were far too predictable for me. Still, it was fun.

Then we ventured down to Seattle to the Pacific Science Center. You may recall
I had taken Clown and Princess a few weeks back. The "Strange Matter"
Exhibit was ending soon and it was very important to Clown that his Dad
and brothers see some of the things we saw. Cryptic and Jock whined and
fussed and begged to be taken back home after the movie. At their age,
they think it is more fun to yap with their friends on their cell
phones or be on the computer than spend "Family Time".

Ah well, too bad for them, right?? We actually did fairly well and as far as I
know Jock only got two or three calls while we were gone and one of Cryptic's friends called him as we were driving home. So all in all, I was impressed with that.

course as I predicted, it was Jock and Cryptic who took their time and
tried most displays and wanted to stay. They acted like they wanted to
go, but every time we said it was time to go, we heard, "Hang on. Can I
just do this one more time, please??" or "WAIT! This is SO COOL! Did
you SEE THIS!?!?" When I asked later if they were glad they went, I
just got grunts in return. Teens are SO STRANGE!

Like for
instance just now. Cryptic just got out of the shower and came to ask
me something. He is to put his ointments and creams on his skin at
least once a day. He has a certain one for his face, one for his neck
and one for hisarms, legs, etc. He seldom, if EVER puts anything on his arms and legs and thus, they look and feel like sand paper. His neck is all wrinkled and dry like a turkey. His face is shiny, indicating that he has indeed medicated it. So I asked him why he didn't put anything on his neck.

"Oh here we go!! How did I know THAT question was about to be asked??"

I mentioned maybe he could just answer it then. He grunted and walked
away?? WHAT IS THE DEAL!?!? If he KNOWS I am going to ask, why not just
PUT THE STUFF ON HIS NECK AND BE DONE WITH IT!! He has had this disease (his derm actually calls it that, uses the term "disease") his entire life, is the dork EVER going to learn?? ARG!!

There is one funny photo of Jock in Cryptic's face that just shows Classic Jock and Cryptic. Jock poking into others' affairs and Cryptic just quietly dealing with things.

Cryptic hid from the camera quite well, but I was able to snap a few shots of him.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!!!


Jude said...

I hope you get your internet issues fixed soon hon! Great pics, your hair is beautiful. :-)

BoufMom9 said...

Looks like a GREAT outing with the family!
Hope you get the internet fioxed soon! UGH! (I can not imagine!!!)

Lowa said...

Jude-Well, we are still working on organising my bookmarks and stuff and I can't find everyone's blogs still...but it is better! Thanks about my hair:) It WAS alright that day, wasn't it?? LOL

Momof9-I cannot keep up with your blog?? HOW DO YOU POST SO OFTEN!?!?! I want to get a latte on Mother's Day and sit and read through and catch up and comment:)