Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gotta love it!

Just wanted to share with you all another reason I love home schooling my babies.

Not only do I get to enjoy time with them and REALLY have the time to connect with them well and have a strong bond, but *I* am the one who is there when they have a "light bulb" moment. That happened today with my wee Clown.

Clown goes in spurts where he just LOVES to do Math. Normally, if I stick to a curriculum, it takes about 45 minutes a day for a lesson. Lately, two hours at a time is not enough! I tell him I need to take a break and he begs for more!

He can go through an entire grade in just a few weeks at this rate. Jock did grades 3-5 in about four months a few years ago. That is why I feel ok not doing any set curriculum for months at a time, because they can "catch up" (whatever that means! Who decides when someone should know a certain thing anyway?? LOL) very quickly. We just play games and do fun activities. Then if we decide to approach a certain concept, it is already familiar to them and we breeze right through. Not only that, but how many nine-year-olds do you know who seriously almost start crying when they are told they need to take a break from math and have a snack?? LOL

So we had some fun doing math this afternoon. I finally convinced him it was snack time and he scarfed down his latest discovery ~ Hummus. He has these rice chips that he can have and he doesn't like them plain. He slathers them in hummus and almost inhales them!

OH! Just now he came in and asked me if I saw the math problems he wrote down. He makes ones up for himself and tests himself:) HOW CUTE!??! I am being summoned to the chalkboard...


Jude said...

Wow, that's a good thing then I'd say! LOL

sydwynd said...

Kids that LOVE math, will wonders never cease?

Lowa said...

Jude-I know! It is SO COOL!

Vince-No, I don't think they will:) He is so funny, he was telling Jock yesterday that math is his favourite subject and then he added "Even though I am not very good at it!" Actually, he is a natural and catches on right away. I told him the benefit of doing a little bit every day like they do in public school is that it gets easier and easier as you go along. I always did that with the older two and they complained. So far, Clown doesn't complain at all. Since it is not forced and HE decides when we do it, I am sure that helps, you know?? And in the end, he will know what he needs to know and have had fun learning it all:)

Jinny and Colin said...

That's so cool! You are such a great dedicated mom to your kids. I admire anyone who can homeschool and do it well!

Lowa said...

Jinny-Awww...shucks...you are making me blush:) I truly enjoy it! It is a BLAST! I can't imagine them not being here with me. The few times they have been in Public school I really did not like it. Marian never used to understand but she soon caught on. I remember when she called me and told me she was not going to send the kids back...EVER...before I could say anything, she just said, "SHUT UP!" LOL She didn't want me saying, "I told you so." I guess. We are both fortunate that we can do it. I even know of single parents and working mothers who figure out a way to do it. LOVE IT!