Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh my!

*sigh* I just read Jock's blog. *AHEM*

Ok...I think more
hand-holding is going to take place. He told me today that he is
regretting telling me about it and doesn't want me to read it. So I
went to read it.

YOWZA! THE LANGUAGE! I need to talk to Stud
about this. I thought it was cute that he listed on his profile movies
and music he is not allowed to see or listen to. I left it alone,
figuring I can let him live in a fantasy world, not much harm done, eh??

But then to see how he speaks on there and stuff. Not to mention the grammar and spelling mistakes! LOL Yeah, so go ahead and comment if you want and maybe talk sense into the young man, eh??

Thanks! Oh also meant to say. He is sad that none of my readers comment on his blog yet:) LOL So g'head if you have time!

I have had a horrid and stressful day so hope to post a real post soon. Need to collapse right now.

Peace out!!


sydwynd said...

I was wondering whether I should leave a note there somewhere. I'll feel free to say stuff.

Should I be the cool older guy guiding a young pup in the ways of the world or the stern instructor that cuts him no slack?

Lowa said...

Vince-Please do! I would love for you to be the cool older guy guiding him:) All the guidance he can get is GREAT! Just an FYI, if it starts out too obvious and lecture like, he will shut down immediately. So if you just kind of get to know him and have fun with him, he will think it is so cool to have a fun older friend and then you can gently influence him. He is such a great kid, but very different from our others and we are still trying to figure out to make an impact on him. Cryptic has been reading through my blog and I guess in the past I have said some things about Jock that are not the nicest?? I can't imagine! Cryptic was laughing and reading them to Jock last night and Jock is very hurt:( He is pretty sensitive and I can't explain how it is not meant badly, I am just struggling with being the parent that he needs me to be. He won't be able to understand for a long time...ah well. Anyway, thanks for leaving notes for him. Let me know if he is rude, he can come across that way without meaning anything!

Have a great rest of the week!