Friday, May 09, 2008

Cryptic's surgery

Cryptic came through his surgery with flying colours yesterday! He is
as surly as ever, although he was very sweet when he walked in the door
and saw the banners Clown and Princess had spent hours working on for
him. I think it is because he was still drugged:) Seriously. Soon
after, the surly king was back! He is going strong now. *sigh*

If I ask if he has taken his pain pill, cleaned his nose with saline, needs help
changing his "nasal sling" or what have you, I get a sigh and a "Yes,
mother." Or "No, mother. Father can help me."

Seriously. He has taken to calling us that all the time! Pretty funny. The REAL funny
part is that his voice is even deeper than Stud's now so I get a kick
out of this for some reason. This deep voice muttering "Yes, MUTH-ER" in a condescending tone. I learned my lesson! I don't ask anymore, I leave him alone. Or at least try to:)

the surgeon got in there to break his septum yesterday (well, it is
cartilage of course, so I don't know if "break" is an accurate term.
Although I guess it is, eh??) he discovered that it was not only
crooked, but pushed all the way over to one side!?!? POOR LAD! NO
WONDER he can't smell anything or hardly breath and keeps getting these
dang infections!ARG!

So he should be on the mend. Stud is
enjoying taking great care of Cryptic. He prefers his Dad doing all the
care this time, which is totally different from the norm, but I am glad
and happy for Stud!!!

He got up with Cryptic at 3 AM to give him his pain meds,
took him to all the appointments and the surgery itself, sat with him
in recovery, the whole deal. Just two years ago when he had his other
surgery, he wanted me with him, holding his hand, hugging him, always
touching him and needed lots of affirmation and me telling him I love
him. He even refused to go into surgery without me and they allowed it.
I was there with the mask and gown and the whole bit, holding his hand
and stroking his face as they put him under. Now, he wants me out of
his face. What a difference two years make!

Watch on Monday for
some stunning photos. Princess goes for her annual dance photos and I
will of course post some. She always looks so pretty with her hair up
and a bit of make-up on.

Have a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day all you Mother's! Jinny, enjoy your first one:)


Jude said...

I'm glad the surgery was successful and that he's on the mend. Happy Mother's Day hon!

Chas said...

I'm happy to hear that your boy came out of his surgery well and is done good.

Happy Mother's Day!

BoufMom9 said...

I am so relieved that it went so well! You must be just thrilled to have it over with! :)
How funny about his voice being so deep now! LOL

sydwynd said...

Glad he's recovering. Boys go through stages. Maverick is getting to that stage where he's looking for Dad's approval and developing his own style. God help me.

Lowa said...

Jude-Thanks! I am glad he is better too:) And I had an AWESOME MOTHER'S DAY!

Chas-HEY WOMAN! Congrats on your news, that is amazing! I need to come by and visit more, but am still getting used to this new thing I use for the internet. Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day too:)

Momof9-I need to come check your blog again soon. I have browsed a bit, but still don't have time to really read and comment. Hope you had a great day!

Vince-God help us ALL! LOL