Saturday, May 17, 2008

She's a hot one...

...outside today. I despise heat and sunshine and all that silliness. Especially since I sit here in pants and a t-shirt. Why am I not wearing shorts you ask??

Yeah. Good question. I have a good answer too.

It is because my two guys who wax my legs seem to be on strike. Jock used to do it to earn money but refuses now because he is sure that "none of my friends wax their mother's nasty hairy legs". He could be right. I don't see the relevance though when it earns him $10 each time he does it. Stud appears to be on strike as well. Apparently since he is trying to earn his full time living as well as start two "side businesses", not to mention playing all the hockey and always playing guitar...he doesn't have much time.

*sigh* So here I sit. Sweltering in this insane heat:( Woe is me! I may resort to my last resort.


Anywho, I thought I would throw some shots of Princess ready for her ballet photos this past Monday since I promised you all that I would do that. It has been nutso here this past week with Princess being disagnosed with a soy allergy, being prescribed an epipen, Clown being really sick with his recently diagnosed wheat allergy. He had to have four vials of blood taken this past Thursday to check and see if he has Celiac Disease. We will find out the results early next week. If he has that, we alter his diet for life. If not, we alter it for a few years to see if we can desensitize him to the wheat allergy, assuming that is all it is.

Those are just a few tidbits of what has been going on. Today is Clown's 9th birthday party. It is a laid back affair, so I got time to get on here quickly whilst the young lads are running through the sprinkler.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and I will update more in the coming week. I am sure I will have a lot of time on Monday since that is Clown's actual birthday and we tend to all get a day off on each other's birthday. I still have to post about my AMAZING Mother's Day. I was TOTALLY SPOILED:) It was PERFECT:)



Chas said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

A couple of years ago, just before Lila was born, Jason's doctor decided he thought J might have Celiac Disease. They did blood work, and something did show that he had some of the indicators, but the blood test in and of itself wasn't enough for a diagnosis. They did a colonoscopy to make sure. He went on the diet for weeks leading up to that, just in case he did have it, and that was one tough diet! Gluten is in everything!!! We found out on the day of Lila's birth that he does not have it....we were so glad!

Lowa said...

Chas-Thanks. I put a wee bit too much eye liner on her this past time, it has been so long since I put make up on her!! Good practise for the actual recital, although she will need a good amount because of the lights on stage anyway.

Wow, scary about your husband. Princess was tested for it just after her second birthday. She spent three weekends in two different hospitals and lost about four pounds in a few weeks. Four lbs on someone who weighs about 25 is NOT GOOD, as I am sure you know.

It is so hard to find foods for him to eat. I have a friend who is allergic to dairy, soy AND wheat and she gave me some recipes and cookbooks to look at. I need to gather the ingedients together. Whether he has celiac disease or not, we need to do this for a while, of course. I know it, gluten is in EVERYTHING. I got him a cinnamon raisin bread mix last night ($6!!) and some rice crackers. He loves fruit anyway and always drinks water and stuff...I dunno. I am rambling now and need to go help these kids put in a movie. Congrats again on your babies! I forgot my password to your other blog, but will figure it out soon when I have time to fool around a bit:) LOL

sydwynd said...

She's so cute! And the pictures on the boy's blog seem to indicate it was a good party. Also, congrats on the dishwasher.

I let the lady deal with her own legs, which she shaves. I'm more than happy to caress them, but she can keep them smooth on her own.

Dooneybug said...

Princess is such a little beauty! She looks like a real Princess in her ballet outfit. :)

I know someone who has Celiac Disease and man, it sure does hamper the foods you can eat. Like Chas said, gluten is in everything it seems. It was really hard to go out to eat with her or even prepare a meal at my house. I know people who have the disease manage and there are special products out there and whatnot, but I'm sure it's a big adjustment. I hope he doesn't have it!

Jude said...

Princess looks sooooo adorable! Let us know how the blood tests for Clown go, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Paul Sears Photography said...

your blog is great - my wife and I are getting close to having kids, and we really enjoy the stories from other parents!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL about your legs!
Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!!

Lowa said...

Vince-It is funny, because the kids do most of the kitchen clean up, etc. So I am not sure why Jock indicated that he was happy for ME, when HE is the one who uses the thing:) Note that HE posted about it and *I* didn't?? LOL There is a reason for that. But yes, I am pleased with it. The other one had come with the house and was rusting, rotting, leaking and would not dispense the soap anymore, so it was time.

I can't shave my legs. More on that at some point maybe. I go places to get them waxed, but it adds up a lot and since we invested in the equipment...ah well. Stud did them this past Sunday because he wanted to go on a bike ride with me and it was HOT, so he knew I would need shorts:) So sweet!

Lowa said...

Jude-Thanks, I think she is pretty cute. Jock is worried about her. He is MEAN as anything to her (in fact he is in his room this entire week because something he said/did to her was the LAST STRAW) but he is SO protective. He in convinced she will "have guys all over her" in a few years and is already preparing to fight them if need be:) I will post about Clown shortly:) It is good news!

Paul-Welcome! Having kids is AWESOME!

Momof9-They are now waxed and feeling much better:) Thanks, we think she is alright looking too:) LOL

Lowa said...


Thanks for your kind words about my baby girl. I loved the video of your's clapping her wee hands, but I guess I already told you that:)

Yes, thank goodness we found out he doesn't have it!

Mrs. Butler said...

hahaha - i couldn't IMAGINE letting my boys or even my hubby wax me - OUCH! i'm such a chicken :P