Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back from holidays!

Well, we got back the night of the 3rd. Took B to classes yesterday and need to get everyone up now so that I can take L Then it is off to the dentist for poor wee little R. What a horrible mother I am! They told me at his appointment in late October that he had THREE cavities!?!? I had to cancel the appointment we made right there for the fillings and he is finally going in today!?!? ACK!!! I don't remember L or B having cavities this young. We help R brush his teeth lots of times...guess we need to be better about flossing.

I will write more as soon as I can...

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happyandblue2 said...

Just read your response to the post on Very Zen. It was very good. Racism in any form and by any culture is just wrong.
Your response mirrored my experiences in school. And nothing has changed since unfortunately.
We can't control society. Only our own views and actions.
I think you should write more on this topic. You have a lot of experience in your family situation. And it's an important topic..